What we are listening to this week co-hire

Happy birthday-hump day! Here is what we are listening to this week on Spotify…and Happy Birthday to our co-founder Ben!


Birthday Ben, CPO

Richard Walters

What? A.M.

Why? Great vocals and thought provoking. It’s quite a ‘heavy’ listen — perhaps best for your walk to/from the office

Will, CEO

Who? Villagers

What? Becoming a Jackal

Why? I love this one man band, it is really interesting music if at times a bit weird! One of those albums that creates a storyline — best listened to when doing something mundane so you can listen to the lyrics properly, Twenty Seven Strangers is my favourite track!

Ilona, Designer

Who? ‘Luke’s English Podcast and Deutsch’ — warum nicht?

Why? When I’m not designing I spend time in the evenings brushing up on my language skills. I find the best way to do that is to listen to podcasts

The King of Devops

Who? Galantis

What? Pharmacy

Why? It’s upbeat and I’m familiar with it enough that it serves as a great white-noise to keep me focused.

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