What we are listening to this week co-hire

We know Facebook employees (generally) listen to progressive Trance and house — Rich Varrasso @Pinterest likes Jymmi James and AirBnB employees tend to be fans of evolved electronica.

Music often says something about a team. The music we all listen to is so different and diverse. It tells an interesting story that we thought why not share!


We’ll update what some of the team are listening to (and why) every Wednesday #humpdayhits. Collaborate, share, send us a message :).

David, Full Stack Engineer


Album? The Gateway

Why? “The music video’s for Dark Necessities, Robot Man are awesome!”

Ben, CPO

Who? Stornoway

Album? Bonxie (Unplugged)

Why? “I went to see Stornoway in Bath on Thursday last week and they did an unplugged session. If you haven’t heard them before, give them a try!”

Ilona, Designer

Who? Norman Granz Jam Session

Album? Swing Gold Collection

Why? “I mostly work in silence. Sometimes I hear a song when I am out that I like and I put on Spotify. The last song I heard was Jam Session when I was out at a Jazz bar!”

Will, CEO

Who? Moby

Album? Play & Play: B Sides

Why? “Soothing and upbeat at the same time. Suits any mood”

The king of DevOps

Who? Muse

What? Black Holes and Revelations

Why? “Drowns out the ambient noise in a busy office”