Acting Advice: The Success Thief

A good friend of mine recently applied for a promotion at work.

The Success Thief is Always Lurking…

Two weeks ago, she messaged me:

FRIEND: Hey - I’m thinking of applying for a promotion that’s come up at work now. It seems too soon after I started, but I think I could do the job. Is it too quick? It’s too quick isn’t it ?

So there’s an opportunity. And coming in close behind is The Success Thief. The Success Thief is what I call Self Doubt, because it tends to steal opportunities from you.

My advice was simple: Do it anyway.

She asked:

FRIEND: So it is too quick?

I replied:

MARK: No, that’s just your self-doubt talking. Apply.

She applied. And Today:

FRIEND: I got the job.

Now imagine if Self-Doubt has won that day. What if The Success Thief has nipped in and stolen the opportunity away from her?

It would be easy for me to say ‘Yeah, come on, be realistic, you only just arrived in the job, get some experience under your belt.’ I would have fed her Self-Doubt and enabled her Success Thief. She didn’t need any help with that, none of us do.

How many fantastic opportunities do we talk ourselves out of?

The truth is, the Success Thief is constantly present. Ready to steal your any opportunity from you. And all you have to do to help The Success Thief is listen.

If you’re in a jungle and there’s a rickety old bridge ahead that looks like it’s barely holding together. Yes. Then by all means, exercise some doubt.

But in all other moments of life. When an opportunity presents itself to you. You’ll soon be joined by the Success Thief.

So what do you have to do?

Ignore their bullshit. Stop listening. And do it anyway.

Seriously. What’s is the worst think that could possibly happen?