In and Out Fitness

Fitness begins inside

I know what you’re probably thinking.

“Great, not another fitness blog.”

Yes, this is another fitness blog, however, I’m no fitness expert. In fact, if you are looking for an expert opinion in fitness, you’ve clicked the wrong link, but if you are a regular guy (or girl) and you are looking to get a little insight from a regular guy (I’m not also a girl) then you are in the right spot.

I’ve been on this fitness journey for about six years now and though I’ve made some progress, I’m no where near where one would imagine I’d be after six years of work. I may not have a lot to show for the past six years physically, but I’ve failed a lot, and learned much in the process. My plan here is to share my progress over the next leg of my journey with the hopes that a regular Joe like me will be encouraged along the way.

What is in and out fitness?

Well, one of the biggest things I’ve learned over the years is that habit change is superficial and temporary. If I want to see real change that will last, it has to originate in the heart and mind.

This is only a theory backed by no scientific evidence, but I believe that my physical condition is a manifestation of my spiritual and mental condition. Sure, this can be argued, but once again, I’m not an expert at anything or anyone but me. This is my journey, so if you feel this is a weak argument, stop reading now, or leave a comment and we can talk about it like adults.

My theory is that while I work on my mental and emotional health, my physical health will grow as a result. This comes down to a matter of motivation.

Different people find their motivation in different places. If you are like me, you are tired of what you see in the mirror and are ready for a change. There is two problems with this.

  1. Motivation from a place of hate is never healthy.
  2. Focusing on the physical is superficial and won’t fix the root of the problem.


I’ve spent the last six years disgusted with my appearance. I hated the way I looked and tried to use that as a motivation to get in the gym. This is a very dangerous place to be, not only because of the lengths you will go through to achieve what you think will make you happy, but the best you may not be the person you see in the magazine, so if you fall short of that you’ll hate yourself forever.

The inside change has to cause you to love yourself. I’m not saying accept the you that stares you back in the mirror, but accept the you inside and love that you. It is from a place of love where you will find your greatest motivation. This motivation will not only cause you to enjoy the journey, but also allow you to celebrate the wins along the way. When you find the best version of you that is possible, you will recognize and love they physical change. If you can’t be happy where you are now, then you’ll never be happy anywhere else.

You may be able to argue that people have achieved physical fitness having been motivated by wanting to look good at the beach. I agree, but at what cost? There are many people who are focused on physical appearance as their motivation that walk around proud and seemingly confident in public, but when blinds are closed they cower under the oppression of emotional and mental unhealth. Never having dealt with the root of the issues, never having learned to love themselves, never having tasted freedom from emotional distress, these people only live and love superficially.

What to expect

So, what I’ve decided to do is document my journey of fitness in these three areas.

  1. Spiritual/emotional. I link these two because I am not sure they can be seperated. Plus, it’s my journey and I’m a Christian so that’s the perspective I will take. If you have a problem with that, too bad.
  2. Mental. Tranformation of body requires transformation of mind. If you want to live life differently then you have to approach life differently. My goal here is to learn. Not only begin to learn new things, but also to learn how to think differently and change my outlook on the world around me.
  3. Physical. Come on, this is a fitness blog right? Well, I have to talk about they physical fitness part to or this is all for naught. I’ll talk about diet, working out, and progress.

My hope is to post three times a week, one in each area, but I may only have time to post once per week in all three areas per post. We will just have to see. If you end up enjoying the journey with me, like and share the posts so someone else can get what you get out of it. You can also follow my journey through pictures on social media.

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I do have a facebook, but if I don’t know you and we don’t share common friends, honestly, I won’t approve you. Sorry.