Reclaiming My Life: Get back your get-up

Last week I had the pleasure of going on a staff retreat with the organization that I am a part of. This year’s retreat was to a conference where we learned from some of the best in our industry. I could write volumes about all that I learned over those three days, but those books have already been written. Instead, I’ll share a lesson learned that didn’t come from my time in the conference, but from the leader of my organization and how he lives his life.

Watch and Learn

I’ve got to admit, when I found out that I was rooming with the leader of our organization, I was nervous. Take someone who struggles with self worth and put them in a room with a giant, the natural conclusion will be constant anxiety. Worried that I would wake him with my snoring, say the wrong thing, or just leave an overall bad impression, I slept very little those nights. My lack of sleep made it difficult for me to wake up as early as I like to, in fact, now that I think about it, I have been having trouble waking up as early as I’d like to everyday.

Waking up early and getting my workout in before my day begins has been a key to my success in this journey to reclaim my fitness. Lately, I find myself snoozing my alarm three times before I reset it all together. My inability to wake up early has caused my workouts to be fewer and farther between. How did this happen? When did I lose my ability to get up?

Getting Back Your Get-Up

One morning, while on the retreat, I was going to get up with my roommate and get in a quick workout before the event. The alarm sounded bright and early (like it usually does) and I rolled over to snooze it (like I usually do). When I rolled over I was startled by the intensity with which my roommate rose from bed. I mean, he literally jumped out of bed. He likes to wake up early and go for a run, I finally got to see where they get the saying…

“He hit the ground running!”

As soon as his feat hit the ground it was like he had began his morning run while dressing. I hadn’t even gotten up to hit the lights before he was dressed and out of the room.

Later, I brought it up, and he said to me…

I learned years ago that if I lay in bed after the alarm goes off, I’ll talk myself out of it.

This had a much greater impact on me than he thought it did. In fact a week later and it still plays through my head. It’s so genius, if you get up out of bed, the probability of getting to that which you planned on doing that early in the first place is much higher. It’s the first step in whatever you are doing. Once you’ve accomplished the get-up, you start your day off with a win.

If you are anything like me, starting your day off with a lose will carry on as tradition throughout the day. Likewise, beginning with a win, creates a habit of winning for the rest of your day. If you want to reclaim your life, you’ve got to get back your get-up.

3 Tricks for Getting Back Your Get-up

  1. Put your alarm across the room. Putting your alarm on the other side of the room requires you to get up and walk to it in order to turn it off.
  2. Sit up. Make the effort to just sit up when the alarm goes off. Don’t roll over and turn the alarm off, just sit up to turn it off. If you do that, you’re half way there so you might as well get up.
  3. Hit the ground running. Just get up and go. Don’t even give yourself time to know what you’re doing. As soon as the alarm sounds just get up as quickly as possible and begin your day. This takes some grit, but it works.

Which option will you choose to get back your get-up?

If you have any ideas that you can share on how to get back your get-up leave a comment and share it. Also, if you’ve liked my post click that little green heart and share it for more to read.