MLB playoffs- thinking of Dad.

So the Cubs face the Dodgers this evening in the NLCS, and I have been thinking about my Dad.

We lost my Dad to a heart attack this past Summer. It was sudden, and unexpected, but not entirely surprising. (He’d had an earlier heart attack, 14 years previous. Was overweight, didn’t exercise, etc, etc…)

Not that we watched alot of baseball together. In fact, we rarely did that. (We’re more of a football and basketball family.)

But I am one of many long-suffering Cubs fans, hoping that after 108 years, our Cubs finally win a World Series.

My father, was a Dodgers fan. I remember growing up, many times I rooted for the Dodgers in the playoffs, simply because they were my Dad’s team.

It’s true, as the Cubs were often just a terrible, I would become a de-facto Dodgers fan if they were in the mix.

One time, I was out shopping for something for Father’s Day. I found a Dodgers tshirt on the rack that would fit (XXL). So, I threw it over my shoulder and continued to finish my shopping.

It wasn’t until I got to the car, that I realized the shirt was still on my shoulder. I’d checked out without paying for it. Right in front of the cashier and really, everyone else present.

(I should have gone back and paid for it. I would today. But at age 20, and with the busy weekend crowd in the store, I just left.)

So tonight as both teams take the field at Wrigley, I wish I could give him a call, give him some crap. Relive that story about stealing him a Dodgers shirt. (As far as I remember, the only “Dodgers” item, I ever saw him wear.)

But I can’t, so I wrote this instead.

Hey Dad, if the Cubs do happen to lose this series (which could totally happen), I’m glad it’s the Dodgers.

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