My top 16 candidates for EOS Block Producer

Coach Bjork
Jun 7, 2018 · 6 min read

You can read up on my top 7 candidates or watch my video walkthrough. I have a short summary of my top 7 list down below

My top 7 list:

  1. eos sw/eden
  2. eosDAC
  3. EOS Rio
  4. HKEOS
  5. EOS Tribe
  6. EOS42
  7. shEOS

My list is fully subject to change if I learn something new about a mentioned BP candidate.

But as of now, these are my top candidates. What I look for is technological knowledge and skill, which means the capability of actively securing the blockchain. That is why I put the people of the ghostbuster chain in the top, simply because they understand the importance of this. But we don’t need 21 people that only focus on security, as long as the voted BPs help out each other there are other important aspects of where I want to throw my votes. This is where the morals, values and the capability of building a strong community goes up. Ofcourse, in my mind, they have to align with my own morals and values. I believe EOS has the capability of changing the world, and we need the right people at the right place for that to happen.

Top 8–16 candidates

8. EOS Gravity
9. EOS New york
10. EOS CAFE / Calgary
11. LibertyBlock
12. Cryptolions
13. EOS Dublin
14. EOS Meso
15. GenerEOS
16. EOS Nairobi

Video Walkthrough of my 8–16 Candidates.

8. EOS GravityWebsite

Big and serious BP candidate from China, they had serious events in China, with over 1000 people attending. They have resources and the people to pull of being a serious BP. But at the same time they are prioritizing the growth of the community. When I first saw their BP candidacy, I noticed they were next level compared to everyone before them. They were an early part of the superhero testnet and has been contributing since. I believe they are able to do a lot of good for the future of the eos community.

9. EOS New yorkWebsite

Early adopter and candidacy to EOS, was a part of the first community testnet from start. Have been growing into one of the more influential players in the community, giving out nice quality information and trying to assist when they can. I have to be honest, at first I thought they were a bit arrogant, but that view has changed over time and I now think they should become BP. You can read some of their helpful articles here: Launch survival guide, One Mainnet, and their code of conduct. They could easily end up on my top 5 list, but I have to prioritize the ghostbusters for their security skill.

10. EOS CAFE / CalgaryWebsite

I love coffe and EOS Cafe wants to change the world one coffee at a time.
They aim to take EOS to the masses and start by working so you can pay for coffee with EOS. They want to create both digital and physical places for the EOS community to meet up and develop on the EOS blockchain. Their Discord channel has over 3000 members.
Syed is a key player in the BP community, they released a paper walletfor your EOS key to make sure you can securly save your EOS keys.

11. LibertyBlockWebsite

LibertyBlock is big team with influential players in the cryptospace, they are a serious BP candidate and I believe they will deliver on what the network needs today and will need in the future. They have even claimed that they are aiming to become the MOST transparent BP out there. They have high knowledge about how to securly set up a network of servers and I strongly believe they are very capable of sorting out any attacks or issues. They are also launching Everipedia, which is going to be what wikipedia was sent out to become. A open, uncensored encyclopedia, and with the help of EOS blockchain I think they can pull it off. Everipedia is also free from ads and will be free to use for everyone.

12. CryptolionsWebsite

Bohdan and Roman is key players in the BP community, they both already have a nice list of accomplishments in the blockchain world. Their reputation in the EOS community is solid and their expertise in blockchain and tech will come well in hand as BP. They are the leaders of the Jungle testnet and has done a great job running that. They actually managed to reach 1475 transactions per second on their testnet, that looks great for the future. With this experience, we can most likely sit back and trust them when it comes to running a functional chain.

Cryptolions code of conduct

This code of conduct is a great walkthrough of how they think and where their morals are. I think they are on point with most of their values, at least what’s presented in here.

13. EOS DublinWebsite

EOS Dublin are security geeks and has done a great job for the mainnet. Sam and Sharif are easy going, knowledgeable and focusing on collaboration. They are fully self funded and will always stay that way, which is also true for more BPs. They have goals to work together with the Irish universities to make sure the new students understand what blockchain technology is and what it’s capable of. They take infrastructure very seriously and believe that an independent third party should audit the infrastructure. I believe strongly that they are capable of being a stable Block Producer.

14. EOS MesoWebsite

Very compassiable people, caring about everyone around you and want to do great things in the mesoamerica region. They are a big group, none in the group owns more than 10% of their BP organization. There are very knowledgeable and passionate people in EOS Meso, seemes to be filled with empathy and prioritize transparency, which I can approve.
Their head of infrastructure has over 20 years of experience in managing server farms for local banks etc. Which should mean he has the experience and knowledge required. Stuardo which is a software developer has devoted his life in making the Guatemala government more transparent and seems to have succeded to create a tool where the citizen can audit the government.

15. GenerEOSWebsite

They built a tool to validate the EOS accout balance, they are contributing to the community and whats interesting is that their mission is to re-engineer the way funds are distributed to charities. They want to create transparent smart contracts and DApps so we can trust that the money we donate to charity will go where it’s supposed to go. This can change how the world of charity works, in a possibly great way. Their public plan for technical infrastructure looks great and well thought trough. They are also planning to develop an incubator to develop DApps, but whats interesting with GenerEOS is that they will focus on DApps for charity.

16. EOS NairobiWebsite

Building a DApp to incentivise parents when the children go to school, so decrease the amount of children that needs to work instead of going to school. Work for a stronger africa by helping the people develop software and understand blockchain technology. They have developer classes for free and also run an incubator for DApps.

I want to specify that these are all subject to change

I can’t mention that enough, there are a lot of BP candidates coming out, and I have not read up on everyone. But I have tried to keep track of those that have been here the longest and actually contributed to the EOS testnets and to where EOS is today.

I will put together my last 5 candidates that I would like to see voted in as BP.

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