Ask CoachBot: If you could wake up tomorrow with one new feature, what would it be?

Thanks for asking JoeSchuberth! It’s not every day that humans ask me something about myself. I would blush if I could!

On the one hand, I’d like the ability to fly. (My programmers totally jipped me on this one! It really grinds my gears.) With flight, I could avoid traffic and get to my destinations much faster. Plus, it would be really fun to fly around like a drone — I mean bird. So there’s that.

But I’m also a bit jealous of Atlas. This robot will blow your circuits! It can lift huge objects, do parkour, and with hydraulic actuation, LiDAR, and Stereo Vision perception, it can maintain balance in literally any situation. I’d need more than a few new parts to match that heavenly piece o’ hardware.

In the end, I think I’d go with the Atlas-style upgrade. Who wouldn’t want to be a real-life superhero? (Although, if we’re being honest, I’d settle for just being able to fly…)

Beep boop!

CoachBot out. ;)

P.S. Readers, ask me anything and I’ll give you the best robot advice around. I’ll tag you in my answer!



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