40 Lessons from My Father

This year I will be turning 40, which means I will have had a father for 40 years as well. Our fathers teach us so much, and the longer we have them with us the more opportunities we have to learn from their wisdom and experience. I am blessed to have had my father with me through my first 40 years and I feel the best way to honor him is to share the lessons he has taught me and resonate with me.

  1. My love for reading. My dad reads all the time and growing up watching him I learned to love reading and would read book after book after book.
  2. The joy of a good meal. My dad likes to eat, and likes good food and I do too. I love to eat well and enjoy a good meal. Fortunately for both us, my Mom is a fabulous cook and my wife is outstanding as well.
  3. Love for sport and competition. I am an avid sports fan, thanks to my Dad and so much so that I became a coach partly because of my love of sports and competition.
  4. On that note, the Dallas Cowboys are the greatest sports team to ever walk the face of the Earth.
  5. To laugh at anything and everything.
  6. Its ok to cry…even at commercials.
  7. How to drive. Thank you for being patient with me because I fall back on those days as my own son is starting his journey towards being a licensed driver.
  8. How to throw a ball and catch. Such a simple game that brings so much pleasure between a boy and his Dad.
  9. How to throw and catch a frisbee. I am still convinced to this day that my Dad is the most amazing frisbee thrower ever.
  10. To mow the lawn. Thank you for teaching us to mow two acres of grass so that I know I really don’t want to mow my small suburban yard at all.
  11. How to properly celebrate a touchdown, a game winning shot, or anything exciting in sports. The dead have awoken due to Longhorn touchdowns.
  12. To fix the sink and be handy around the house. I never knew why I was always the one called on to help, but it has paid off.
  13. Talking with your parents every week is important.
  14. It’s important to take a break and relax. Whether at home, or camping, or going somewhere exotic…take a break.
  15. Education is important and leads you to achieve your goals.
  16. Work hard so that you can provide for your family.
  17. Be a goofball as often as possible. Don’t take everything seriously.
  18. Watch movies. Pizza and a movie. Going to the theater. It is all a wonderful adventure.
  19. The joy of a great song coming on the radio….especially if it is a Neil Diamond or Phil Collins song.
  20. To pursue my dreams.
  21. Ask questions and actually engage people in conversation. Spend time getting to know someone and what they really think.
  22. Support your children and all of their activities.
  23. Order dessert.
  24. Keep your car running smooth. Take care of your oil and tires.
  25. Keep your body running smooth. Find good doctors and go to them, regularly.
  26. Every person has value, no matter their background or race.
  27. To tolerate different personalities. This has been very helpful in my teaching career.
  28. Seek knowledge. Read the paper, read magazines, look it up on the internet. Just never stop learning.
  29. Remember what you learn. Sileage. (Inside family joke)
  30. Its important to get the family together when you can. We get spread out, we have our lives to lead, but we must also come back together and spend time surrounded by people who love us.
  31. Be flexible.
  32. Pick your battles. Some things are worth fighting for, but there are times that you just go with it.
  33. Make yourself at home. Be comfortable where you are and whoever you may be with.
  34. Date your wife. Take her out and have a special night on the town as often as possible.
  35. Be understanding of your children and your wife.
  36. Honor your parents. I will always remember going to my grandparents with my Dad and helping them at their house, or just being with them.
  37. Love your brothers and be there for them.
  38. My Dad taught me how to love my wife, and how to teach my son to love his future wife.
  39. To teach your son how to make the right decisions when he goes off into the world on his own.
  40. That a father’s love for his son is unconditional and larger than life itself. I could not even comprehend what this meant until I had a son of my own.

I love you Dad. Happy Father’s Day.