Thousands of students every day in India, are falling in trap of false advertisements and fake reputations of the coaching institutes or tuition centers.

Let it be for IIT-JEE or for IAS or may be for Preparation of exams like SSC, IBPS, DSSSB or of TOEFEL or CAT a student depends hugely on coaching institutions for his success. It is quite ironical that we are handling our fate in the hand of someone other. And yes what about the fees they charge. I have even heard that some parents take loan for paying hefty fees of these coaching institutions. Yes it is true that it ideally depends on students towards his success in competitive examinations. But to guide him in proper way he might choose often to join coaching institutes.

But who can guide student to which coaching institute he or she join? Google Baba. Right. In today’s world google seems the solution of every problem. But again the google only shows the websites and advertisements. And yes, they all are variable, Some results might be on page 1 today, but might not be on page 1 after few months. It is variable. A student should not join any institution on variable results of search engines. And yes there exist many good quality institutions and training centres which many students are not aware of as they don’t able to market themselves in that big way as of others. Okay one can also refer to yellow pages. But again there results are variable as they keep those institutions name in top which are paying for it. All these indicates that business of these coaching institutions and of these searching sources is largely determining the future of whole world in fact.

The solution is someone has to go to market to take initiative of finding the quality coaching or training centres of particular niche. Identifying its infrastructure, its past result, its teachers and show everything transparently to students. And let them decide which to choose or not. And then the world be the different place. There must be no business in education feild.

Let the Education seekers to meet the education provider.

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