The latest shiny, new gadget to help you run faster

I’m writing this from the kitchen in my new house (built in 1958, but new to me) and I’m surrounded by boxes. I can’t get the internet hooked up through the internet/cable company until Monday. So how am I going to send this to you today if I don’t have internet?

Go to a coffee shop? Go to a library?

Turns out that next to me is a relatively new device called a Karma Go that delivers WiFi from virtually anywhere there is a cell phone signal. It’s less than 3” by 3.” In a word, it’s awesome. Here is a photo of it and here is the website.

This shiny, (relatively) new object is helping me do the work I need to do to make a living while doing the work I need to do to move into a new house. If I didn’t have this shiny, new object then I couldn’t work from home. The shiny, new object is vital to my ability to make a living, until Monday.

So what are the current shiny, new objects in running and what will be the shiny, new objects in the sport in 2016?

There aren’t any that will allow you to run faster, gain fitness, or are shiny and new.

But you can do challenging aerobic running to build mitochondrial density to race faster. You can do general strength and mobility — like the Lunge Matrix and the Eight Week General Strength progression — to increase the chance that you will be running injury free in 2016. You can commit to a weekly long run that will make a big impact on your fitness.

But if you think a GPS watch, a new shoe or a fancy foam roller is going to make you a better runner, you’re wrong. Do those tools have a place in your running? Yes, but the keys to running well in 2015 have been done for decades, before there were 4mm drop shoes and before there was a GPS to tell you your paces on a fartlek run.

I can’t wait to share the new offering I have in the works for you in early 2016. They are rooted in the fundamentals. Run most days, do a weekly long run, do a challenging aerobic workout, do strides and do your general strength and mobility.

Simple stuff. Boring stuff? Maybe to some, yet those same folks probably think running is boring.

Feel free to send me a message if I’ve missed a shiny, new object that is changing the running world. More importantly, send me a message to let me know how I can help you and your running in 2016.

Okay. That’s enough for today. Have a great day.


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