Tell Your Classroom Story with Flipboard

The best way to collect and share information across social media

Coach Jeffery
Jan 31, 2017 · 2 min read

I love Flipboard. I am just going to start it off right there. There are many apps that teachers recommend but this one has been my constant favorite because of its versatility. Flipboard can be used in a variety of ways, so I am going theme this section: Flipboard and Professional Development Ideas for Teachers

This app is great for collecting Professional Development ideas for your PLC, PLN and sharing them with all stakeholders. For instance, teachers who want to integrate more technology in the lesson cycle can gather ideas shared from a Flipboard magazine. Flipboard allows you to curate magazines of web content and share them with a link, a Tweet, Facebook post or embed code. Spice up your department meetings by having your colleagues curate magazines or subscribe to articles and flip them into their own magazines. Just about any url on the web can be added to a Flipboard magazine, so now the possibilities are endless. You can flip best teaching practices articles, YouTube videos on effective teaching strategies, Word documents, Google Documents, Presentations from conferences, Twitter chats, Sound Cloud lectures, or exemplary lesson plans. Curate a magazine for the best vacations teachers can take during the much needed breaks. Teachers who create videos for students using the Blended Learning Model or Flipped Model can aggregate their videos into one place. Teachers can curate videos for their colleagues to give feedback on by linking unlisted videos in a private magazine. You can curate a magazine with easy recipes for school for potluck lunches. You can curate and share a group magazine that all of your department members can discuss at the next faculty meeting. The possibilities are again endless. Content within the curated magazines are accessible on any device and looks beautiful across the web. Professional Development with Flipboard is a great way to share ideas that are content rich and beautifully organized.

Coach Jeffery

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I am a husband, father, teacher, coach, digital learning trainer and Science Coordinator. My tweets are my own and are not the views of my employer.

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