4 Surefire Steps To Getting Your Wellington Equestrian Property Sold

Similar to selling your own home, selling your Wellington equestrian property also entails a lot of preparation. However, the preparation greatly differs because unlike selling your home, what you’ll be putting on the market is a piece of land that needs to be ideal for raising and training horses. Here are 4 surefire steps that you can follow in order to get your Wellington equestrian property sold:

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Contact an agent at once

Selling your property is a huge undertaking and understandably, you would want to get the best price in the transaction. This would only happen if: you have a great marketing plan in place, you have the right contacts, you know the selling process in and out and lastly, you have enough patience to see it through. Nonetheless, agents are fully trained and experienced to handle all of these aspects of selling so the first important tip to getting your property to sell is to work with a good agent specializes in selling a Wellington equestrian property. …

Understanding What A Royal Palm Beach Short Sale Is

Homeowners facing possible foreclosure may look at a Royal Palm Beach short sale as the ultimate solution to end their struggles. Florida may be more forgiving in terms of laws on short sales compared to those in California, still, you will have to face the fact of possible foreclosure someday. Tackling the problem straight on might save your home and not ruin your entire credit.

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How Does a Royal Palm Beach Short Sale Work?

Homeowners sell their properties — with their lender’s approval — at a price below the amount of their loan balance. Sale proceeds are used as payment for their loan. The rest is either forgiven or may be settled with a new promissory note. …

How To Quickly Sell Your Wellington Equestrian Property

Despite the fact that it’s currently not a seller’s market when it comes to Wellington equestrian properties, there are still a few things you can do to expedite the selling process. Here are basic steps to consider before putting your property on the market:

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First thing’s first: Clean it up.

This holds true both for homes and horse properties: Clean is always the way to go. You want to do this not just for the listing photos. You want to keep your property clean so buyers will be drawn to what they see when they decide to have a quick tour. No one wants to see clutter everywhere. …

Probably Your Best Option: A Royal Palm Beach Short Sale

You’ve learned in some of our previous articles that foreclosure is most likely your worst option despite being able to live in your own home without paying for “rent”. Today’s article will help you understand why short sales might just solve your dilemma and help you choose it with confidence.

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No Loose Ends

First and foremost, short sales for Royal Palm Beach homes have a way of tying all loose ends and keeping everything in their proper place.

Let’s say your home is worth $300,000 today but you also have a $400,000 mortgage taken out on it. If your home is subjected to foreclosure, you won’t have to pay the remaining balance of $100,000 (400,000–300,000) of your debt, but you will have to pay taxes for it. As far as the law’s concerned, the amount of forgiven debt is taxable income. So in the end, you will still owe money — this time to the government instead of a private creditor. …

Multi-Generational Households in the U.S. Increased to 57 Million.

This is a record number of 57 Million people or about 18% of all families in the U.S. living in multi-generational households.

Many families living together consist of the owners of the home caring for their aging parents who move in and take care of their own children at the same time.

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Many grandparents, parents and children living together in one household. While this is very common place in Asia and other countries, it has not been widely done here in the U.S. until recently. In the 1950's the families separated out into different units living apart from one another.

When I was in Japan every family I met was living in a multi-generational home. …

How to Care for Your Wellington Equestrian Properties

Buying a Wellington equestrian property is definitely a good decision because Wellington is home to the most wonderful equestrian properties in the world. Caring for your property is not that simple because of so many factors.

However, there are a few general guidelines you should follow especially if you are a first-time buyer of Wellington equestrian properties. Read on for the most basic things to remember about equestrian property management.

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Top 3 Ways to Care for Your Wellington Equestrian Property

1. Make it as natural as possible

Ideal homes for horses are exactly what you see in classic posters — large green pastures where they are free to move around, that there’s enough clean water and food, and there is a healthy ecosystem. …

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Wellington Equestrian Farms Copyright ® Katerina Gasset 

All things Equestrian in Wellington 

Wellington is the Winter Equestrian capital of the world. We have Polo Championships, Hunter Jumper events with WEF- Winter Equestrian Festival, Dressage and many more equine events. People come from all over the world to participate in our famous equestrian competitions and many others come for the joy of spectating.

We welcome you to Wellington to join in the amazing horse lifestyle. It may be the best time to buy a horse farm here. We also have many stalls for rent during our winter equestrian seasons. But they do rent out fast. Trainers come from all over the world to train horses and riders.

The season starts in mid November and runs through April. So when you are tired of shoveling snow every day up north, come join us in the South Florida sunshine in our fabulous equestrian community.


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