SF Ali

This was breathtakingly beautiful SF Ali. Is SF short for Saifullah? just a guess. :) Your Ami is gorgeous, looks like a model and actress! Honestly, this hit home in too many ways. It serves as a push to be a better daughter and to do the things I should be doing, such as saying thank you more, love you more, and spending more quality time together.

The names of the people that your family has lost really hit home. My Moms family and Nani Ji have lost a lot of family too. I can’t imagine how hurt your Mom might have been when you tried to go down the same path as your Mama Ji. Thank God you did not, and have a new view and perspective of life. Keep on smiling and making your mom smile!

I thank you for sharing all of those personal private things, as my Mom is also very private and I know I have a treasure of things I could unleash. I applaud your courage. Maybe one day I will too. Until then, I will keep on reading! :)


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