Personal Development is an ongoing process, there is always more to learn and adapt to. Here are five concepts that I believe are the cornerstones of self-help for someone starting out on their journey:

1. Let go of people that no longer serve you

This sounds harsh, but if 4 of your closest people do not resemble the type of person you would like to become, you have to absolutely change the circle of your closest people. Like attracts like, if you are friends with 9 unsuccessful people, you will be the tenth one. There is no doubt about it. Social presence is important, you cannot thrive on isolation forever, but a part of personal growth is to be OK with being by yourself. If the people around you are toxic, you are better off letting them go completely while you look for people that align with your vision.

2. You are not a victim

No matter what has happened to you in your adult life, you are at least partially responsible for it. Life is not fair; you will waste precious time if you think this will ever change. In order to grab life by the horn, you have to actually leverage this fact. Understanding the source of your strength will allow you to understand this fact. Once you realize that you bring a unique gift to this planet, you will know that life does not need to be “fair” in order for you to thrive. Scarcity mindset is what keeps people from rising above the victim mindset, but true growth is unattainable until one thinks of themselves as a victim.

3. You have infinite potential

This is not just some feel good mantra or an affirmation, this is the truth. You can become whoever you want to become in this world. Examples are aplenty from Oprah Winfrey to Steve Jobs, from Mother Teresa to Martin Luther King; we are surrounded by examples of people that are larger than life. Yet, we find it hard to believe that we have the potential to shake this world. This is a result of negative belief patterns that we have internalized.

4. Wealth is the byproduct of a healthy emotional state

Barring a large inheritance, there is no way of acquiring wealth and prosperity with an unhealthy emotional state. It may be possible to acquire short term gains, but a lasting, positive, joyous, wholesome life is not possible when we have unmanaged jealousy, hatred, self-negation, anger, sadness etc., trampling all over our minds. Even if wealth is not immediately acquired through a positive mindset a mind free of disease is a worthy goal in and of itself.

5.There is plenty out there for everyone

The belief system that you cannot have it all, or you cannot make a living doing what you love, because someone else is already doing it or someone else already has it, is scarcity thinking. It will get you nowhere fast. There are plenty of people that will tell you plenty of reasons for their lack of success, I doubt if even 10% of those people will actually take responsibility for their failures. We find ways to blame everything and everyone in sight for the lack of our success, but in reality, we are the number one reason why we succeed or fail in life. Once we realize this and start taking responsibility for our growth, we will see that it is we who often come in our way of success. It is our own belief system that gets us in trouble. Is there plenty for everyone? I say, Of course. Are you willing to believe it?