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Anti Procrastination Tips for Side Hustlers and Weekend Warriors

What to do when you should be working on your dream but you don’t wanna.

Weekend Warrior Work Syndrome is a real thing. OK, I just made up the name, but the symptoms are real. 😃 It stems from the roadblocks you face when you’re trying to build your dream one weekend at a time.

If you’re reading this article looking for answers, it’s likely that you already suffer from it and you know exactly what those symptoms feel like. It goes something like this…

You work full time, but you’re trying to build your dream on the side. Your days off are the only ones that are totally your own. You feel guilty about not using that time to create, but you really need to rest too. …

Habit Building Strategy

A step by step guide to creating an environment in which habits can flourish and grow.

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What if I told you that one positive habit could change your life? What if one habit could be the catapult that launches you to success in other areas of your life? What if one habit could be the key to unlocking a winning mindset that can take you wherever you want to go?

Well, it’s true. It could, it can, and it will if you know how to choose the right habit, make it the right size, and implement it in the right way.

That’s what I’m going to show you today. But first, I’ll share how this worked both in the business world and my own life. …

Chronic Comparison Syndrome

Mirror mirror on the wall, use it for personal reflection or not at all!

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When I was a kid and a young adult, the scope for comparison was limited to you and the people around you.

  • Friends
  • Coworkers
  • Family members

Comparisons happened most often between my cousin and me. She was an only child. I was not, but my brothers were a decade-plus older than me, so in many ways, I felt like an only child too. As a result, we clung to each other and built a bond that was as close to sisterhood as we could get.

Building Mental Muscle

Plus 5 ways to stay in the moment, practice focus and improve your memory as a result.

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There’s something about going to the kitchen that puts me in forgetful mode. Maybe it’s thoughts of having to cook that make me want to run away and forget everything.

All I know is I often find myself standing in the kitchen dazed and confused with zero clues as to why I decided to go there just moments earlier.

I hear the same tale from lots of my friends. Are we becoming a generation of zombified wanderers aimlessly drifting from one room to another?

Some blame it on instant society. You know…the internet, video games, smartphones, and social media and all the world of distraction in brings. …

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Lessons in Leadership

Eight signs that you’re leadership is fostering connection within your team.

Most of the time you hear people say that if you want to be the kind of leader that can get people to take action, you have to set a good example. This is true, but it’s not the key to long term success as a leader. The real golden ticket is a connection.

When I was learning the ropes as a young manager, I had the privilege to be mentored by a leader who understood the power of connection. …

There will be no ‘om’s’

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A few years ago, when I told my cousin I’d been diagnosed with high blood pressure, she suggested I try meditation. I was wary, immediately imagining Tibetan monks sitting in complete solitude. I’ve always been a person who needs to be doing something. (And I was raising two kids under three years old — by nature, I always had to be doing something just to stay afloat.) The thought of just sitting there, breathing deeply, made me twitch.

But for health reasons, I was curious, so I gave it a try. I sat down, closed my eyes, and meditated.

It sucked. …

Mind Body and Spiritual Balance

You can make time for balance without being overwhelmed.

While thumbing through an issue of Mantra Magazine recently, I ran across an article written by Deepak Chopra. The article talked about how many of us live imbalanced lives and how that affects us in mind body and spirit.

He introduces a concept called the Healthy Mind Platter. It a diagram that looks like a pie chart and it shows the seven things we should strive to practice or work on daily. The purpose is to help restore balance in your daily rhythms.

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The chart consists of seven areas in which we should strive to achieve balance every day. …

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Lessons in Personal Growth

Five things to do when it’s time for a new you.

I’ve changed lanes many times in my life.

I’ve been a flight attendant, an apartment manager, a technical operations manager and a technical writer.

I’ve been on the dance team and cheer team. I’ve sung in the chorus at church and school.

I teach fitness, I coach, I write, and I co-manage a fitness studio. I’ve lived alone and had roommates. I’m a wife, a mom, and a friend too.

When I look back at my journies for each of these, similar patterns emerge. …

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Lessons in Chillaxation

The overlooked health and productivity benefits of not doing a damn thing.

Every Friday around 9 pm the achiever’s guilt trip hits me.

Should I get up early and milk as much productivity as I can out of those extended weekend quiet hours of the morning? Or should I bury my head deeper under the blankets and make up for five consecutive days of 4 am wake up calls?

Typically I set the alarm and think…

“I’m gonna get a whole lot done tomorrow!”

The reality is that I spend most of the day fighting the urge to sleep. …

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Could this be the answer to your daily energy slumps?

In many ways, Thanksgiving is a holiday anchored in indulgence. We are invited and encouraged to eat rich decadent foods in large quantities. Success is often gauged by whether or not you need to unzip your pants and take a nap within an hour of your meal.

Images of everyone, young and old napping on the couch is the subject matter of many memes trending on social media in November. Who knows, someone at your Thanksgiving Day gathering could be the next one to go viral!

The nap story is one you’ll hear from nearly everyone you talk to post Thanksgiving festivities. …


Leslie Brooks

Coach/Behavior Change Specialist. Learn how to be habitually healthy with simple solutions you can use today.

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