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Anti Procrastination Tips for Side Hustlers and Weekend Warriors

Weekend Warrior Work Syndrome is a real thing. OK, I just made up the name, but the symptoms are real. 😃 It stems from the roadblocks you face when you’re trying to build your dream one weekend at a time.

If you’re reading this article looking for answers, it’s likely…

Chronic Comparison Syndrome

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When I was a kid and a young adult, the scope for comparison was limited to you and the people around you.

  • Friends
  • Coworkers
  • Family members

Comparisons happened most often between my cousin and me. She was an only child. I was not, but my brothers were a decade-plus older…

Building Mental Muscle

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There’s something about going to the kitchen that puts me in forgetful mode. Maybe it’s thoughts of having to cook that make me want to run away and forget everything.

All I know is I often find myself standing in the kitchen dazed and confused with zero clues as to…

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Lessons in Personal Growth

I’ve changed lanes many times in my life.

I’ve been a flight attendant, an apartment manager, a technical operations manager and a technical writer.

I’ve been on the dance team and cheer team. I’ve sung in the chorus at church and school.

I teach fitness, I coach, I write, and…

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In many ways, Thanksgiving is a holiday anchored in indulgence. We are invited and encouraged to eat rich decadent foods in large quantities. Success is often gauged by whether or not you need to unzip your pants and take a nap within an hour of your meal.

Images of everyone…

Leslie Brooks

Coach/Behavior Change Specialist. Learn how to be habitually calm with simple solutions you can use today.

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