Do You Educate With Your Marketing?

Educators have been doing what marketers are recently paying more attention to. They both

  • Use content to awaken awareness in prospects or learners
  • Educate prospects on what they need to do to achieve their goals

Today’s business owners are doing a lot more training and tutorials to help potential clients understand the big picture so prospects make more informed decisions and get better results.

No, I am not referring giving more product demonstrations or product training. This happens much further along the client’s journey towards enlisting your services.

I am referring to the way they both work alongside their prospects. They both

  1. Help their audience define the gap between what they want to achieve and where they are now,so they know what they need.
  2. Bridge the gap with tutorials and tips, so they know how to achieve their goals.
  3. Ask searching questions to help them dig deep and think through fundamental issues, so they realize why they do what they do and have the inspiration to persevere.
  4. Listen to understand what else they need, so you can enhance and improve on the solution you provide.

Teachers, Coaches and Trainers are doing more marketing than they realize. Here’s thecomplete visual that’ll show the similarities between educators and content marketers.

The full post on this can is here.

Do you think you are ready to do more marketing? Love to hear your thoughts.

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