Prosperity Consciousness

Coach Martin Wilson

In my previous article I talked how that life is in a constant FLOW (click here to read) moving to ward our greater good and greater expression. In this article I want to share with you the first key to connecting to the flow; which is having a Prosperity Consciousness.

Poverty Mindset

Now if your a person that has adopted a poverty mindset and has a problem with the idea of people being prosperous it may be difficult for you to access your connection to the flow of life. To connect with the flow it demands that you not only be open for prosperity to flow into your life, but there is no room for jealousy or envy toward other prosperous people. Each negative word spoke in opposition to wealth or against wealthy people has the potential to be a spiritual stumbling block to stop the flow of good in your life. I can exspect to receive in my life what I curse in someone else’s life

Greater Expression

For life to reach a greater expression it must prosper. When you gain a prosperity consciousness it place you in the flow of good (God) that is constatly seeking to help you reach a greater expression of yourself. A dog will always be a dog. A cow will always be a cow. However, man being the pentacle of Creation, is constantly progressing. You and and I are not who we were 20 or even 10 years ago. We are now a greater expression of what we where, be it positive or negative.

Not about Money

When we talk about Prosperity consciousness we are not talking about money. Money is only a by product of a prosperous mindset. There is no way you can have a prosperity consciousness and not see an increase in your life financially. Your intention should not be money. Your intention for connecting to the flow is to help as many people as you can while reaching for that promised greater expression; and when he (God) shell appear we shall be like him!

Obtain & Maintaining

Explaing how to get a propserity Mindset is very simple, but difficult to maintain. Having a prosperity Consciousness simply means that you intentionally set your energy, focus and attention on fully engaging and experienceing all the good that God has to offer us - body, souls and spirit. Key points to remember, you intentionally set your energy, focus, and attention. Intentionally doing anything means that you are fully engaged mentally. This not something that can be obtained or maintained with a laxidasical attitude. It has to become a serious daily practice if questioning each and every activity, both physical and mentally, to see if it is in harmony with my greater good. If any activity fails to show that it is a productive activity it is immediately removed from your life. Nothing is worth breaking the connection once have it, including relationships with negative people. You should be willing to limit all connection with people that are not beneficial in helping you reach your destiny.


Thet most important key to maintaining a prosperity Consciousness, is for you to make it a habit to daily Express and be an Expression of Gratitude. This means make a big deal about all the blessings that you already have. Gratitude is a mindset that cause you to be in a place of readiness to say thank you, not just for the big things, but for all the good that is in your life and everything good that enters your life. It will cause you to be thankful for something even as small as having extra money to buy already coffee.

The Preview

Remember, all that you have is a preview of what you can have!

  • It you have an apartment you can have your own house.
  • If your renting, you can be buying.
  • If you have job, you can have your own business.
  • If you have some money, it means you can make more.
  • If your family is pretty happy, it means there can be lasting joy.

What you have should cause you to begin to thank God which will increase the flow of good, favor and blessings in your life.


Start today to intentionally focus your focuse, energy and attention of fully being grateful for all the good that’s entered your life up o this point.

Coach MartinWilson