What Are You Expecting ?

Coach Martin Wilson

I believe reality is being created by our thoughts, dreams, visions & beliefs. What we believe can happen will more than likely happen. So what if we could condition our minds to remove all negative beliefs about what is possible?

Some people worry, but more often subconsciously dwell, on events they don’t want to happen to the point that they attract the very things they are trying avoid. Then when the event manifest or happens they are totally surprised because they don’t have a working knowledge of how thoughts atrract.

Belief, The Atractor Factor

If you believe that somthing negative or positive can and will happen to you it literally increase the overall possible of that thing happening to you. Belief is an attractor factor. What you belief, especially, about yourself sets up boundaries that determines what is and what is not possible for you.

Two Truths

Henry Ford, the creator of the automobile, was quoted as saying:

The man who thinks he can & the man that thinks he can’t, they are both right.”

This quote is a reflection of two totally complete, yet very opposite ideas.

  • Idea#1: Whatever a person believes they can do, even if they may not be skilled to do it, they will find away.
  • Idea#2 Even if you have the ability to do somthing, if you believe you can’t you won’t.


What you beleive will also determine what you will expect. That’s what makes it so hard for people to make real lasting change. If you can’t expect better then better will never be a possible for you.

When you are seeking to improve your life it is critical that you connect with others that are a few miles ahead of you on the journey you must take.

So, again, what if we could condition our minds to remove all negative beliefs about what is possible? I beleive that we can totally change everything about our life just by change our belief system as it relates to what we can and can not do.

The Old Cat

I heard a story of a young guy that had an old cat that was losing her memories, like an animal Alzheimer’s. The cat was very old and also suffered from arthritis and joint problems. The cat could not run or jump very well. She mostly just laid around.

One day the young man came home from work surprised to find the cat sitting on top of his 8ft bookshelf, hissing at him. She hsd never acted this way toward him. The cat had totally lost her mind! Apparently, because of the lose of memory, the cat had forgot about her arthritis and painful joint issues and had leaked on top of the tall bookshelf.

What if We Could Forget

What if we could forget about all of our limitations? When I say forget about our limitations, I mean our real and our imaginary limitations. A large percentage of what we believe we can’t do is based solely on negative ideas that we have adopted from interacting with others.

Of course it is impossible to remove all memories of these negative ideas. However, we can transcending those limitations by introducing new empowering ideas. Let us start today by raising the bar on our expectations and readying ourselves so we can attract the connection we need.

All to Action

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