Movement Educates

Nate Babcock
Apr 25, 2017 · 3 min read

Everybody is educated…..

For their world.

Now, imagine a world and educate for that world.

Teachers can help. Through dialogic interaction we work on embodying that world now, building what is needed for that future world…..developing the required skills.

The primary tool for this is the teacher’s way of being and relating.

Not the subject. The teacher.

The teacher is the bridge from student to best self.

Subject is the medium. Bridge from now to a better now.

Builds off capability of student. Builds off meaning.

Teacher is important. Necessary.

We summon intelligence (Biesta/Ranciere)…We call into presence (Biesta)

Education is for flourishing….

If that is so…

It should be about understanding self, other and the connections between the two. Flourishing demands that we know each other, that we love each other.

It can work with concepts and events, but more importantly, it should focus on the RELATIONSHIPS between them.

It should be about constructing the self.

All subjects have a role to play. They each are a way of knowing. Of knowing self and other.

A gnosis…

Of Self as Other

As Other as Self

We imply each other.

“Tied together in a single garment of destiny. Caught in an inescapable network of mutuality.” (MLK)

Awareness of this Mutuality…

Can come through MOVEMENT.


Movement is a way of connecting self to self and self to other. It brings us to the awareness that self is already connected to other.

Dance, play, sport, recreation.

These are all intimate encounters with Self and Other.

They are paths to realization….paths to the construction of self.

Movement is a fundamental human need. Not all movements, but some. Some and often. Whatever is relevant.

All methods and standards should begin here.

What is necessary is what is needed. What is needed is what is necessary.

What is calling. What is waiting and wanting to emerge.

This will look different from student to student and stage to stage.

The way in is through meaning.

The way in is through play, democracy, dialogue, patience, invitation.

If we want people to move, we need to be sensitive to what it is that will get them to move. We need to be knowledgeable about their context and what is relevant so we can provide them with meaning and challenge.

If we can’t figure that out (and we won’t), we need to ask them.

There has to be a dynamic balance between what we…

Invite and Demand…


Novelty and security.

Challenge and Comfort.

The safety, the unconditional positive regard, is the foundation for this. Students will not risk until they feel safe. We provide the environment for them to feel free, to be and create themselves.

We honor them, no matter what. Not judge. Advocate.

We work at the level of I can. We work at capabilities. We integrate it all.

We integrate student-subject-present-future through meaning and joy and awareness and intimate encounter.

Teacher appears when student is ready and yet teacher subtly and patiently primes the student for readiness.

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