What to do with Tax Return

How about doing something different? Many might be eager to spend their tax return on the latest gadget or a getaway — but isn’t that what you did last year? How about paying off past spends that you haven’t yet paid. I’m talking about paying down your debt.

See, you’ve already spent money you didn’t have. You know what I’m talking about. That balance you’re carrying on your Visa. That car note that you wish you didn’t have. Those student loan payments you wish would just go away. Well, the only way to rid yourself of the payments is to rid yourself of the debt.

So think about doing something different with this year’s taxes. List your debts from smallest to largest by amount owed; pay minimum payments on everything except the smallest debt (throw everything you can at it), and start your debt snowball. Work on becoming debt-free, never go back into debt, and live in a way Americans don’t believe is possible anymore.

Chew on that!

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