Can I really learn to love myself?

I know, it sounds too hard. It sounds impossible. Other people have learned to love and accept themselves, but I don’t think I can. I mean, won’t it be really hard? It seems so easy for everyone else. What if I don’t do it right? Won’t I feel worse after I try? Once is a while I feel I’m not as terrible, that I might be lovable. But those thoughts pass quickly. I want things to be different, I really do. Is is possible? Even for me? But how? How long will it take? Where do I go for support ? How do I even start ?

I had all those same thoughts and questions running through my mind for years! I had spent close to 50 years hating myself, and building the case for my unworthiness. I could prove to you that I was not lovable. I knew I would never be enough as I was. And yet, their was this little small part of me, that was hopeful. As I look back, it was probably the size of a chia seed. Every once in awhile, I would hear myself say, I want more. I want love and to love myself. Those thoughts were starting to bubble up to the top and become louder.

So, what I did next, shocked me. I listened to the voice. The chia seed sized voice that said, but maybe you are lovable. It came this way. I had graduated from college at 47 and saw the faces of the people who had come to my graduation. They beamed love and admiration when they saw me. I thought, these people want the best for me. And I don’t think they are lying. I think they truly love me, just as I am. Here was my first AH HA at 47 years old, What if I could see myself they way they see me ? It hit me like a ton of bricks. This was a totally new thought for me. I kept going and I have learned to accept myself just as I am. I can truly say that I love myself. Now, I help others do the same. I could never have known where that moment would lead.

Are you open to doing something different and changing your life? Are you ready to learn to love yourself?

Coach Pam Davis

Hope Warrior and Self Love Coach

I am on your side. I want the best for you. I have been there. I learned along the way to get back up when I fell, ask for help and to keep going. I know you can too.

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