If you were God(dess) or Creator

If you were God or Creator, would you be a responsible one or an irresponsible one? Chances are, your answer will be — Yes, I would be a responsible God(dess).

Now, if I tell you, you are a God and you act very irresponsibly, chances are you won’t agree with me.

So, let us see how this concept works. To begin with…. Does your world and my world need to be identical? It need not be, and it is NOT. We all live in our own worlds. Some literally and some figuratively. Our world is our job, our family and our society.

So, if we were responsible, we would treat our job, family and society with respect and sincerity. Now, since we behave irresponsibly and think only of our self interests, we antagonize these institutions of job, family and society. For example, if we shout at someone or cheat someone, it is obvious that the reaction can’t be positive. However, if we speak lovingly, people would be more receptive to us. These simple things can change our relationship, our life and hence our world.

And if our job, family and society are favourable to us, it will mean that we have created the world that we want.

Now, now…if only life was that simple…

So, let us see where things can go wrong and how that will affect us. We will just take aone example and that should be enough

We try to be nice to our job or family or society and the person with whom we are trying to be very nice, whether it is a husband or boss or neighbor, does not reciprocate well. Let us take the case of a job and your boss/superior.

When we join a work place and we are assigned a supervisor and we get in touch with our team mates, we start from a place of doubt about them, since we have not known them at all. There is a fear of uncertainty in an unknown individual or situation. I won’t say that the chance of anything going wrong is definitely not there, but I would also request everyone to accept the fact that the chances of failure is not 100%.

Neuro scientifically it has been found that, when we feel afraid the part of the brain, Amygdala activates, it shuts off the logic centre of the brain, which helps in decision making for all important things in life and is meant for growth of the human kind. This means that every time, we are afraid or in doubt, our thinking capacity gets limited due to shutting off the executive centre of the brain. If that is so, we fail to see the right picture and revert to fight/flight or freeze (these days even appease, comes in the responses) options.

Consider a scenario, where we don’t doubt the intentions of our colleagues and Boss and support them whole heartedly in whatever is good for the organizational goals. Chances are in that scenario, we will get on with majority of the people well. There will still be a couple of people who will try to get in conflict with us irrespective of whatever we do. For those people, if we can somehow bring ourselves to two conclusions, we can again have no issues with those people. These two conclusions are:

1. These people have a different way of looking at individuals and situations, and they are not doing anything deliberately anything to put me down.

2. They do not see the advantage of living in a unified and cohesive world and hence their actions are not matching with ours. It is, thus, our duty to educate them with love and care, rather than , by force.

If we can follow these simple teachings, we can create our world, which will be peaceful, harmonious and full of love.