Moods ….and Mind

This is ancient time.

Me and my Goddess, no one else exists. People have not been made, but the feelings and emotions have started shaping. There are nine of main ones, with smaller siblings — Love, beauty and devotion; Joy, humour and sarcasm; Wonder, curiosity and mystery; Peace, calmness and relaxation; Courage, pride and confidence; Sadness, compassion, pity and sympathy; Fear, anxiety and worry; Anger, irritation and stress; and Disgust, depression and self pity.

They have taken shape, but the life has not been put in that. My Goddess is looking at me teasingly, asking what next I would like her to do. And since I am in love with her, I ask her to put life in “Love” first and Love comes LIVE. It looks all around and there is a miracle. JOY has come alive on its own, without any intervention from the Goddess. It seems that with love, joy will automatically get born.

And in that thinking, the Wonder came to life, again on its own…What a sequence the moods are following in coming alive !!!!!! Love with its birth, brought JOY alive and with JOY came the WONDER, on its own.

And it made perfect sense. It felt peaceful. PEACE too came to life.

But, somewhere else, something was happening again on its own, without any effort from the Goddess. The ANGER was coming alive on its own. It was feeling itself and in that moment, COURAGE felt SAD for having no control on Anger. It had a feeling of FEAR in itself and it started having DISGUST about its mood, its capability to handle the situation.

But then, moods were moods. The moment, Goddess commanded them to come towards her, they were there, All NINE of them, with no superiority or inferiority complex. Goddess wanted to know if they understood their purpose in the cosmos, before she started rolling out people in production. They remained silent.

Goddess proclaimed — “All of you are SUPERIOR to the people that will be made now, in the sense that you will be in control and mould the people the way you want, if you get inside them. Each of you have your internal traits, but you are equals, you have been made equal and you shall NOT play the game of superiority among yourself. You will enter the people, but if they want another mood with their free will, you will let your siblings to enter the person and leave that place. No questions asked”

And then she made people — one by one and she put only one thing in their head — MIND, and told them, “if you use the mind well, you can have control over all these moods slowly, but you want to have a complete control over all these moods at any given time, don’t use your mind. Just BE. During that time, you would have control over everything, including me, your Goddess….and with a slight intention of yours at that time, I will give you, whatever you desire……

I wish you remember this …………during your journey of life”

The time of the ancient time is over. The game of life begins….NOW.