Of Reverence and indifference

India is celebrating and mourning in its festivals — Navratra, Bijoyadoshmi, Dussehra and Muharram. The continuation of a culture……the crass commercialisation of something…… that was once, sacred and sincere. The joy and the sorrows were real. One could see the ecstacy in the celebration and the agony in the mourning. Times have changed or have they? Sometimes, it seems that nothing has changed. Our idea of idealism were never there, but since we were not there, we feel, it must have been there. Past, most of the times looks , more pure and sacred than the present is.

People have always been wary of WHAT IS. They have always found pleasure in the past or in the future. And hence, the present is of no value to them. It is just a means to reach some utopia and ideal. So the present, the NOW, that should have been the subject of most reverence becomes a symbol of indifference and vice versa.

Society seems to have got stuck in the past and future, despite knowing the fact that people, living in the present, are the happiest people. People ignore the fact that one can only live in present.