Reality part 4

So, coming back to yours and my reality….We all talk about our realities, our limitations, our restrictions, our responsibilities, our lack of skills, knowledge, strength, whether physical or financial; when we are unable to achieve something in our life.

We go into depression, we blame people, we blame ourselves and we justify our failure. All these, tend to lower our energy level and we start attracting the same low energy. Reality naturally gets created, the way, we feel.

So, how does all this fit into the story of a relationships coach? It does, very beautifully.

What happens when two people fight each other? Both their frequencies are down, which sync and they continue fighting. Even if someone leaves the shouting match, they are still frustrated because of the fight and even then, they are in the state of low energy.

So, what you do? You disconnect yourself from the fight, even if very logical things are being told. You STOP listening. It can be safely assumed that if you two are fighting each other in a house, you know each other for a long time and happy moments have indeed been spent with each other in the past.

Start thinking about the happy times, that you have spent with this person in the past. Start thinking about the bliss you have felt together, start thanking him for all those good times, you spent together. Just this simple act of yours will increase your energy level and the person shouting at you, cannot shout anymore, because they will not resonate with your energy level. Your higher energy will absorb their lower energy and their negative energy won’t be fuelled any longer, to continue their tirade. They will STOP.

So, bringing back happiness in your life is not as difficult, as you think. If you can remain aware that you have to raise your energy level during moments of conflict, moments of fight etc, you can very easily change the energy of the scene by manipulating or modifying your own energy level. NO Help is needed from the other person. Not even the need to understand you or your view point.

If you can understand this simple explanation about reality, given to you in four parts, you will realize that you have the power to create your reality by simply changing your energy level by, just by being aware, just by being conscious in the present moment.

Therefore, do not indulge in cribbing, being unhappy, justifying non- loving actions or reactions, blaming, and shaming. Just accept the present moment and try a simple act to raise your energy level by feeling good, either by thinking of something pleasant about the past or by doing something good as explained in reality part 3, which brings your life, back … to life.

Thanks for reading all the way till the end and all the best for your happy future moments.