School — A Place where children come to learn and grow has started becoming a place of stress induction. The aspirations of the parents and the teachers leave the children a bit overwhelmed. And in this tug of war — the child is stretched? or is she?

Does she understand life? Or has she an idea about what life is…or should be…

The home and the school are the two most important parts of any unfolding of life, if we pay attention. The one and only thing to start with, at both these two places, is feeling connected to your surroundings. Does the child feel connected to the parents or the teacher? Does the child have an emotional relationship with the home and the school?

The parents and the teacher must understand that the child listens and learns from only those, for whom she has love, affection and for whom she cares. But the parent and the teachers also must understand that the child has to be loved, cared for and nurtured. It is a two way street. Expectations are fine, but they should not be a condition to love or not to love.

Both these places have an immense bearing on the relationship that the child will have with her own life and the society, including her close and dear ones in the family and friends. She learns from observations, more than the teachings.

But, how accurate are her observations? What she wants to look into? What is her perception? What she focusses on? That ……will become her reality.