I was talking to some people today, actually delivering a lecture, to a group of professionals from a shipping company, who are involved in providing trained manpower to the shipping industry. The people were of different ages and included both men and women. After lunch when we assembled to talk, they wanted to hear me on the subject of work life balance. But, when I asked them what they mean by LIFE, they were confused. They could not define life. And since they could not define life, naturally it will e difficult for them to get a balance in their life.

So, what is our life? The physical time that we spent on this earth, or is it the aspirations, the achievements, the frustrations, the likings, the disliking…all put together, which we experience, we accumulate in the time period between our birth and death. What we actually want? do we really know what we want our life to be or we just want no sorrow, no effort, …..all pleasures. If that is so, do we understand life? And, if we don’t understand life, what demands can we have on the type of life that we want?

I find the society as a collection of people, who have no clue which is the path they have to choose, in order to feel satisfied, to feel contended. And it is no wonder that most of the people live their life dissatisfied and die dissatisfied.