This crisis will end. All of them do.

What are you doing today for your organization to rise out of COVID-19 with a stronger, more enduring competitive advantage?

Yes, there are hard decisions leaders need to make today. The depth of this crisis is new and the facts can be difficult to discern. However, we must lead ourselves out of this with empathetic wisdom, patience, and courage.

Lots of people are giving you advice of what to do today. It’s good to seek wise counsel. Consider their thoughts. Compare to current reality, and what’s probable as this crisis passes. Follow the good advice.

However, today will be gone before you know it and the recovery will have started.

In 1940, Sir Winston Churchill said:

“It is the time to dare and endure.”

Today is similar.

You can be distracted by the media bombs, political posturing, and hysteria of fear… or you can think carefully, develop a sound strategy, and rally your troops to emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.

Stop spending all your emotional energy and time firefighting or avoiding the fear.

Think beyond this crisis.

Pause. Retreat to a quiet place. Reflect on how to:

#1 — Be a role model for your family, employees, clients, and community.

#2 — Strengthen your client / customer relationships.

#3 — Engage your top performing employees in strategic activities.

#4 — Train your employees to remove weaknesses, or let go of people who cannot meet your standards.

#5 — Prepare your employees to attack your markets as they reopen.

#6 — Have capable employees fix / update processes to eliminate costs, streamline work, improve security, and strengthen your competitive edge.

#7 — Help clients with their challenges, on paid time and when appropriate, without charge.

There’s more to consider, therefore don’t develop your plan alone.

“Make plans by seeking advice; if you wage war, obtain guidance.”

Proverbs 20:18

The starter’s grip is tightening on the gun to start the race back to growth. Many will be left at the starting line, and others even further behind, distracted with fear and wandering in confusion.

It may not be time to run yet, but it’s definitely time to prepare for the race.

Our world needs leaders who are prepared to lead us out of this mess. People need light to emerge from this darkness.

Keep the faith. Don’t succumb to fear. There are better times ahead.

Get ready for them now.

Manage 2 Win founder, author, executive coach, speaker, patriot, Christian. My posts are my personal views and not that of my company.