5 Steps To Time Blocking Inside Your Real Estate Career

Are you a Broker or Agent finding success yet you are running out of time to do the things that you want to do or need to do?

Real Estate courses teach us what it takes to facilitate a real estate transaction and abide by the governing rules and regulations. We are given the handbooks and instructors show us the “ins and outs” of the transaction along with the relationship we will have with a Brokerage and what to expect.

With utmost respect, I understand that these are absolute necessities when someone decides to enter this wonderful industry however I believe a number of different fundamentals would be utilized by new professionals and experienced agents if they were introduced during the licensing process and via ongoing education.

Education is a wonderful thing and a basic curriculum is ever so important. In my own experience I observe agents and managers struggling less with paperwork and more with running their careers like a business.

The most common challenges I hear as a Broker/Owner of a Real Estate company have to do with time.

“I don’t have time for lead generation”

“I’m too busy to come to a meeting”

“I’m so busy that I can’t make time for my health”

“My clients are running me off of my feet and I don’t have time to build systems”

“I’m so busy that my relationship is suffering”

There are 168 hours in every week. These hours exist for all of us. What we choose to do with these hours are in my opinion what will separate you from your competition in business and in life.

Complete this small exercise for yourself as a study of your own personal time. Write down your answers and treat them as a place of discovery.

  1. Write down how many hours you sleep in a week.
  2. Write down how many hours you dedicate to fitness, health and personal development. (There are discovery answers in this question)
  3. How many hours are in your work week? If you’re a workaholic like me, give yourself 80 hours to be safe.
  4. Determine the amount of time you have left over. For example 168–42–14–80=32 hours.

These 32 hours are the most important time to block first. It is the time that you can dedicate to both the joys and absolute responsibilities you have in life to feel fulfilled in serving yourself and others. Block off family time, date night with your spouse, commitments you must keep outside of work and personal time for yourself.

With crystal clear purpose and intent while having a complete understanding of what serves you best, you have now dedicated enough time to take joy in life, to sleep, stay fit and healthy, and work an 80 hour week which may or may not be necessary for each individuals time requirement for success.

This is a moment to stop and reflect on the process so far. Are you comfortable and balanced with all of your blocks of time that you’ve now committed to? Do you feel balanced and well regarding your 32 hours or do you need more time to accomplish more in your personal life and need to shorten the hours you work in a day. There is no right answer. You get to decide and you are a reflection of that choice. I will suggest that as you study the time you spend in more detail, you will begin to develop efficiency tactics that will create far more time for you in both the personal and business spaces.

Here are 5 suggestions for productivity when it comes to Time Management:

  1. Block 90 Minutes of Personal Development Time 5 Days per week. Whether you’re into the gym, meditation, walking or reading “non-business” books, find something that is just for you. Get grounded and centered and find your rhythm in this space. You cannot serve others at the highest level without serving yourself first.
  2. Block 2 hours per day, 5 days per week that are strictly dedicated to “Lead Generation”. This is non-negotiable time for prospecting or recruiting with a proven system that works for you. In this space you must determine your own Path of Least Resistance to sustain this long term.
  3. Block 30 to 60 minutes per day for “Content Creation”. Whether you Blog, Video or are a strategic Social Media marketer, this is time to dedicate to this and I suggest you do this early in the morning.
  4. Give yourself a “Time Audit” for the tasks that someone else could be doing for you such as paperwork or data entry. Consider leveraging an administrative assistant even if it is for 10–15 hours per week. How much time would that free up for you for lead generation? As you grow into your business, you can consider these time audits quarterly.
  5. Dedicate 2 hours per week for “Business Learning”. Whether it’s a new business book, a course held at your brokerage or a seminar you attend, it is crucial to continually be learning and adapting with the ever changing Real Estate industry. If you want to evolve your business, you must evolve with the industry changes. They are constant.

Time exists for all of us and we are all playing on the same field when it comes to this topic. The power of this and like anything is in the “Power of Choice”. In future articles, I will suggest “Time Hacks” and ways to become even more efficient in the quest for time and productivity.

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