The Universal Law of Attraction and Your Real Estate Career

In it’s simplest form you will often see it stated as “Like Attracts Like” or to sum it up, by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, we will bring positive or negative experiences into our lives. This ever so commercialized Law has an abundant presence in our modern society in online and offline media, teachings of so-called “gurus” and those ready and available to give you “The Secret”.

As an advocate for personal development and awareness leading to furthering your own self-discovery, I invoke the “Law” onto myself in the following statement: “I attract what I am rather than I attract what I want.”

How many of us continue to complain about price challenges and commission objections? How many of us are stressing over demanding clients or the consumer who we’ve chosen to work with that appears to be nothing short of unreasonable? Do we fully understand the principles and conflicts that arise when we attribute a bad day to the energy of another professional inside of the industry we work within? Could it be so simple that what’s not going right inside of our Real Estate Careers is not due to external circumstances yet possibly more about personal responsibility?

Here are 5 principles to apply to your Real Estate Career using The Law of Attraction :

1. What Exists In Others Exists In You

If the energy you are holding towards another human being whether it’s a client or colleague is negative, consider the fact that all things are connected and what appears in someone else exists in yourself. Where in you does this trait or behaviour exist? With an understanding of this principle you will be able to lessen the charge of the energy attached and move on with your day quicker and with more ease. My suggestion is to reach for the highest possible thought about the specific encounter. Consider pursuing the principles of Sympathy and Empathy.

2. Understand Your Value

Are you sick and tired of losing out on Listings or Potential Clients based on fees or compensation? I don’t believe this is your real challenge. Do you truly and completely understand your own value and believe it to be true? Have you taken full and complete responsibility for the services you offer including unique and invaluable programs the consumer will pay for willingly such as Marketing, Communication and Client Care Offerings? Are you differentiating yourself from your competition with Pre-Listing Videos or incredible Listing and Buyer Presentations? If you want the very best then you must become the very best. If you want maximum compensation then you must offer maximum value and service. No matter what you offer, you must believe in it. This too is a Choice.

3. Staying Higher Frequency

How many times do you find yourself complaining about a client, industry professional or what you have to do to make a good living in your chosen career path? How many times do you see others doing the same? This principle parallels well with watching “The News”. Most of it is negative and doesn’t serve or support you whatsoever. If you attach to it, you will lower your own vibration and attract more of those experiences into your life. If you participate in it, the effect compounds itself. Consider detaching from those elements of your career that are negative in any way, shape or form. Consider your associations and surroundings. Perhaps a change in this space and a shift to a higher vibration could be just what you need to find complete freedom and happiness inside of your career. You deserve this.

4. The Path of Personal Responsibility

One of my mentors demonstrates it well: “Everything is a choice and every single choice we make leads to an outcome”. That outcome is an opportunity to learn grow and evolve from every single choice and decision that we make. If we are taking full personal responsibility and holding ourselves accountable to this principle, we come to understand that every choice we make in our Real Estate careers is our own. Although every outcome may not be the desired one, there is an opportunity to learn and grow from each of them evolving our careers further. The principle of Personal Responsibility plays out in business and in life.

5. Manifestation Via Personal Development

The suggestion of manifestation is widely used in Law of Attraction. The idea that we can create all of our own experiences and the opportunities are endless. I believe this to be true to form however I encourage those who believe in utilizing the principles of manifestation to better understand the process of Personal Development. Until we as individuals are completely clear in our vision and have found resolve in our own past, often times we create experiences similar to those we’ve encountered in the past. Perhaps a process of self-discovery and constant and consistent self-work will help you begin to create the desired results you are seeking.

You know what results you are seeking already and by now you likely know that they already exist and are readily available to you. Are you so focused on your desired result that you are in a place or space of lack? More often that not you also know what is required to achieve the results you desire inside of your Real Estate Career. I encourage you to consistently stay in a place of abundance and creation, understanding the results you desire but focusing on the activities required to achieve them. My hope for those of you reading this article today is one of expansion.