It’s January and you have most likely already created your new years resolutions. How many of you will choose to live boldly and be provocative and not tiptoe through life?

When I ask my clients if there is any area in their life where they are tiptoeing around, the answer is a definite “Absolutely”. In their perspective, tiptoeing is easier.

What do I mean by tiptoeing? Well, I am referring to:

* How we are not telling ourselves and/or others the truth about how we feel about ourselves or them or a situation.

* How we are hiding and not…

Have any of you entrepreneurs out there ever wondered if you should partner with other like-minded individuals either to grow your business or simply to stop working alone?

Since I started my business in 2009, I have swayed in my interest to partner with other like-minded consultants and coaches. I knew I had some sort of immunity to change or fear around partnering and rather than address it, I avoided it all together. Something was holding me back. …

We are 5 days away from committing yet again to our new year’s resolutions. Generally, we are great at making resolutions and our intentions are to fully commit and yet somehow, most of us fall short.

You can attribute that to many reasons: “The goal was unrealistic”; “I did try but found it too time consuming or too difficult”; “Life gets in the way”; “I just don’t have the willpower”; “I just don’t want it enough or I would do it”; “It’s not that important in the end”; “It was the wrong goal”; “I need others to help me” and…

I am at the Air Canada Lounge in Vancouver Airport waiting for the red eye flight to Toronto. Only four more hours to go. I just spent 4 hours at the Seattle Airport reading yet another great book. I just finished reading Immunity to Change and The Power of Habit (two must reads) and am now reading something a little different by Wayne Dyer: I Can See Clearly Now.

It has been a long journey considering I left Toronto yesterday. The purpose of my trip was to facilitate a morning Box of Crayons Great Work Kickstart workshop to a global…

I have had the privilege of spending this past week with a friend/client who is visiting from nowhere. Yes, from nowhere and from everywhere. He is a constant traveller working in some pretty neat places meeting some really cool people doing what he loves. For the purpose of this blog and to keep his anonymity, although he game me full approval to post his name, I will call him Chef, as that is what he is referred to professionally.

I met Chef for the first time as a client in September 2011. We sat on a bench just outside of…

Posted on September 29, 2014

by TinaDias

It’s been awhile since I posted anything and that is because I have been busy, busy with great work (paying too boot) and very little development of my new program.

On the great work side, I have been facilitating some awesome coaching and great work workshops from Box Of Crayons that have consumed my time and allowed me to simply indulge in this new adventure as it is work that stirs my heart. I realize I adore facilitating when I truly connect with the material. Although every new program requires prep time and…

Posted on July 17, 2014

by TinaDias

Since my return from business trips to Africa and Montreal, I have been in deep research, for my Program ‘Crack the SAFE’, which entails reading books and articles on what is essential to live our life the fullest and rewrite our stories to reflect who we really want to be and live in alignment with that person.

Topics such as dreaming big, envisioning our future, bringing meaning back into our lives, dealing with fears and barriers, changing our patterns and habits, learning how our brain works and how it can help us, understanding…

Posted on June 15, 2014

by TinaDias

Why is it that we can spend so much of our time on our outer self? We buy clothes and regularly upgrade our wardrobes, we decorate and redecorate our homes, we plant flowers and make sure our gardens are impeccable, we wear make-up, cut and colour our hair, colour our beards and moustaches, do botox and cover up blemishes and, hide our imperfections with scarves and makeup.

A psychologist once told me that when we seek to endeavour outer projects, it usually represents a need for inner work and that once these outer…

Posted on June 9, 2014

by TinaDias

In the book Architecture of All Abundance, Lenedra J. Carroll, in her chapter on Esteeming Self, describes the Four Great Lies. She writes that we have been fed information that is inaccurate and ultimately can be fatal to our individual and group growth leading to people believing that they are destructive by nature, evil, unworthy, even a hopeless humanity. She believes these lies have led to the loss of self-knowledge and to a mass identity crisis.

The lies:

We are bad.

We are not enough.

We have limited potential.

We are alone and…

Posted on June 6, 2014

by TinaDias

For the last five years or so I have been coaching individuals on all sorts of challenges and goals. Throughout this work I learned that most of the challenges we face as humans are not related to the coaching challenges presented upfront. They are more deeply rooted and stem from your belief systems, habits and patterns you have developed.

This awareness triggered a desire for me to go one step further in my practice and ask myself how I can help people live in alignment with who they are now, not the story…

Tina Dias

Facilitator * Coach * Speaker

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