Are You Tiptoeing Through Life?

Tina Dias
Tina Dias
Jan 22, 2016 · 2 min read

It’s January and you have most likely already created your new years resolutions. How many of you will choose to live boldly and be provocative and not tiptoe through life?

When I ask my clients if there is any area in their life where they are tiptoeing around, the answer is a definite “Absolutely”. In their perspective, tiptoeing is easier.

What do I mean by tiptoeing? Well, I am referring to:

* How we are not telling ourselves and/or others the truth about how we feel about ourselves or them or a situation.

* How we are hiding and not showing up the way we really want to; how we are saying yes when we really want to say no.

* How we are avoiding situations and conversations because we are afraid to upset someone.

* How we are omitting to say things because it’s easier not to talk about them.

* How we are pretending to agree when we don’t.

* How we are not being authentic in our lives.

* How we are saying yes when we want to say no or the other way around.

As a coach, since this topic often comes up in my conversations with my clients, I would like to ask you the same questions I ask them:

* How would your life be different if you did not choose easy?

* What price are you paying for choosing to tiptoe?

* What are you missing out on because you are tiptoeing?

* What would it take for you to stop tiptoeing?

What if you chose to not tiptoe anymore and be/do/say exactly what you really want, how could you do it in a way that could benefit everyone — especially you? How would that change in your life?

Start you year off being authentic and ask me how I can support you!

Tina Dias

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Tina Dias

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