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Tina Dias
Tina Dias
Oct 16, 2014 · 2 min read

Posted on June 6, 2014

by TinaDias

For the last five years or so I have been coaching individuals on all sorts of challenges and goals. Throughout this work I learned that most of the challenges we face as humans are not related to the coaching challenges presented upfront. They are more deeply rooted and stem from your belief systems, habits and patterns you have developed.

This awareness triggered a desire for me to go one step further in my practice and ask myself how I can help people live in alignment with who they are now, not the story someone wrote for them.

I believe we all have a story that defines who you are. That story is based on your upbringing and what you were told you need/should be and do and it has influenced the choices you are making and how you show up.

If you were to ask yourself how your current story is serving you, what would be your answer?

Does it reflect how you want to be and how you want others to see you?

When you are 80 years of age sitting on your porch, rocking on your chair, what story do you want to tell the neighbourhood kids that are eagerly listening?

Your parents and teachers did their best yet you still walked away with limiting beliefs about yourselves and have allowed these beliefs to create patterns in your lives and in some cases stopped us from doing what we really want to do. Some of you are very aware of how your story no longer serves you but you are too scared to change your story. What will others think? What if it isn’t better?

My belief is that anyone that truly loves you and wants the best for you will, in the end, be so happy for you when you are being who you want to be and living a new story that aligns with what stirs your heart.

I am consumed, in an extremely positive way, by the idea of helping people create their new story. I know each one of you has it in you to create the new way and path you truly dream of. My desire is to help you create it so you can start living towards it.

I am off to Africa now for 2 weeks and will hopefully have internet access to keep writing. I will be spending all of July and some of August working on the design of the I AM THE WAY program that will be offered initially across Canada.

I hope you will follow me and support me in this new great meaningful work. I will keep you posted on what evolves.

I leave you with one thought: What are your limiting beliefs?


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