Self Esteem and The Four Great Lies

Tina Dias
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Posted on June 9, 2014

by TinaDias

In the book Architecture of All Abundance, Lenedra J. Carroll, in her chapter on Esteeming Self, describes the Four Great Lies. She writes that we have been fed information that is inaccurate and ultimately can be fatal to our individual and group growth leading to people believing that they are destructive by nature, evil, unworthy, even a hopeless humanity. She believes these lies have led to the loss of self-knowledge and to a mass identity crisis.

The lies:

We are bad.

We are not enough.

We have limited potential.

We are alone and separate.

I am wondering how many of us identify with at least two of these and how much these beliefs have contributed to our self-esteem.

Wayne Dyer in his movie “The Shift” says that “throughout life, we’re bombarded by ego messages attempting to convince us that our worth comes from the observations and opinions of others. Once again, this false self proclaims as truth that something or someone external to us is responsible for our validation. And again, it’s necessary to remind ourselves who we truly are”.

My belief is that it is true that we are taught and told all of these things when we are young. I also profoundly belief that self esteem can come from internal positive beliefs we hold about ourselves. If we are waiting for others to validate us, like us and give us worth, we will be waiting a long time. If we choose to give more credence to what others say than to what we believe, we are denying that we were created as whole. By denying ourselves we are once again living a story created by others.

My research over the summer is all about gathering information that will support the creation of a program that will allow me to better understand how we can shift our belief system and create new habits to live a new more fulfilling story.

I am packing and off to Africa tomorrow for two weeks so will write as often as I am able to.





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