Bed Bugs Are The New Epidemic!

Everywhere you are hearing about bed bugs it seems these days because they are spreading around the USA faster than people are coming over our southern border into Arizona.

Bed bugs are not a cleanliness issue, but they are an awareness and prevention issue. Be very aware of places you sleep, luggage and the guests who visit your home, as well as their belongings. Bed bugs do love travel and love to stay at your favorite hotel or motel. They are known hitch hikers and will catch a ride in your personal belongings, shoes, suitcases etc.

Preventing bed bug infestation is far better than treatment because getting rid of bed bugs can be both costly and time consuming! Especially if you try to do it yourself, as most people are unsuccessful and waste time and money while having to deal with bites again and again, and night after night as these little vampires continue to increase rapidly causing allergic reaction and emotional trauma.

Bed bug exterminators are definitely the way to go but you want to make sure you are dealing with a company that screens for honest employees and have years of experience using the proper guidelines while treating as required by The State of North Carolina. Safety is just as important as killing the bugs themselves. Terminix just paid out a 10 million dollar fine for using unsafe pesticides which caused serious illness in one family.

Go to about this if you like.

Here are 7 things to consider before hiring an exterminator for Bed Bugs…

1. Do they have experience or are they a brand new company to the bed bug niche? Not all exterminators properly treat for bed bugs.

2. Do they give you proper guidance to help you prepare before they treat your home? What to do with the floor space, furniture, bedding, pets, fish and air conditioner or heater before they arrive to treat your home? What about proper information about after the treatment is done and you return back home?

3. How much are they charging you? It depends on many factors such as are they using a chemical or heat treatment (both do work) or are you paying twice as much or more because they have a big name, layers of management and advertising budget to pay for?

4. Do they use proper equipment for safety or are they skimming on important issues just to get your business?

5. What is the expectation as far as cost versus how many times they may need to come to treat to completely eliminate your bed bugs? (The honest answer is that often more than one visit is required so beware if they lead you to believe that one time always does the trick!)

6. Does the company representative give you instructions on preventing a re-infestation or are they just there to get your money, treat for now and go possibly hope you get bed bugs again at some point in the future so they can get back into your bank?

7. Is the pest control company or the pest control technician not only licensed but is the company bonded in case they damage something in your home while treating?

Do your research on this growing problem before it becomes a problem in your home! Affordable bed bug treatment and extermination can be a challenge to find, so again homework is key!

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