Your Dreams Reveal Your Inner Limitations…

I love FaceBook. I don’t “like it” or “use it here and there”… nope.

I love it and I use it a lot!

Why? It’s the prefect place to connect with people from all over the world, from many different income levels, beliefs, religions, and ages…

I post and re-post articles, videos, news, and yes once in a while a silly cat video. I like the interaction with others as much as anyone, yet I also love to see beliefs and “hidden beliefs” surface with every question answered and every post shared.

I study people. As a minister, a coach, and really a person of curiosity I study people and their reactions to the circumstances in the world around us. The beauty and the beast of FaceBook is the way it “learns” our behaviors and interests — and then feeds us the information we desire. However, this usually only deepens our beliefs, even when they are incorrect.

People love to share their dreams on social media as well…

“Your favorite vacation spot would be…”

“Your dream car is…”

“When you retire you would like to…”

Ask the questions for fun — yet observe the answers… You will see people reveal all too often limited belief systems within their answers. Limited belief systems hold us back from our true purpose and possibilities.

The concept of Income Potential.

Through years of studies and coaching I have discovered that most people can truly believe that thy can earn approximately double their current annual earnings.

I have seen this belief all around the world from people earning $20,000 per year up to about $250,000 per year. Double is possible — tripling or quadrupling their income however they see as a fantasy or a mere hope.

The reason for this crazy belief system is usually social proof and embedded values and beliefs from the culture and environment they grew up in, or are currently living within now.

To shatter the glass ceiling over your life you must first recognize the existence of the limiting beliefs that you hold within… and believe it or not, social media is a big clue to what we believe.

What if you could be happier, smarter, and wealthier by simply changing a few beliefs that are currently holding you back?

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