Rad Physics

Radiation Physics is rad. It’s rad to the power of sic. It’s deserving of investment attention for so many reasons and Sydney, Australia is more than capable of delivering bang-for-buck to those willing to do the due diligence.

Lucky for Sydney, radiation physics is home to a stellar team. If you haven’t yet seen Paul Keall and his team’s work at the Universtity of Sydney, check them out here: http://sydney.edu.au/medicine/radiation-physics/

They’re doing some cutting edge research in cancer treatment that may hold benefits for the broader health industry. They are a savvy, personable team that know their market well and are open to understanding the potential benefit that could come from industry collaboration and financial sustainability, beyond the public grant system. They present as well established researchers, unwilling to sacrifice on the key governance issues whilst understanding that room for compromise and upside sharing exists beyond the walls of their own environment.

They are open for business. They are not afraid of the world beyond research and they are actively engaged in break-through applied technologies. From Breath Well, a startup in the ATP Innovations portfolio, to an open doors call for research collaboration partners (check this out: http://sydney.edu.au/medicine/radiation-physics/collaboration-opportunities/index.php), there is a team of focused professionals looking to advance their research with applied context in mind.

We want to help researchers of this mindset and direction to find finding and research resources (data is a frequent resource need) to validate research hypotheses with industry and market potential data, and to fund worthy projects from the outset. We want to put an end to the idea that researchers working on fundamentally relevant work are concerned for whether the next round of grant funding might put them out of work. We want to align market valuation principles with research impact ideals.

We’re able to do so because we recognise a market in which the convergence of research impact overlaps a trend in the capital markets towards impact economics. Take UBS’s Oncology Impact Fund for example. Why shouldn’t Sydney based researcher’s form part of this pipeline?

We want to help build a pipeline in which research, industry and structured-finance find value in common discourse. And we want to do it now.

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