Is Facebook Selectively Banning Politicians?


Facebook is scrambling to take measures following the massive scandals stemming from fake news and their use for undemocratic political purposes.
It seems they are now attempting to ban content with political content from unauthorized pages.

Here is the message one non-US parliament member for over 10 years received when wanting to promote a post on her public page

When trying to complete the “Authorization Process” they were again denied permission until they provide their Social Security number, a request no non-US citizen is able to provide.

This is the problem of attempting to add a layer of trust to a profit-based system. In the absence of structural oversight to verify the identity of politicians or leaders before they begin promoting themselves on a network.

As it is, Facebook now must manually select political pages and request a belated verification, and their system is not adapted to the fact that their audience is international and not exclusively US-based.

Not to say anything about the high probability that a number of these pages will not be identified and the door left wide for a corporation to “forget” to verify pages that promote opinions they support.

In any case, this restriction only applies to posts the page wants to boost. There is nothing stopping any page or general user, verified or not, to post whatever they want, true or not, and to share their post as widely as they can.
So basically, this measure is falling far short of the goal of restoring trust in Facebook, at a time when people are relying less and less on Facebook as their News source.

On Coalichain, on the contrary, anyone wishing to publish public posts has to first complete the full KYC process, making it impossible for fake users to spread fake news. All public leaders on Coalichain structurally have to be verified, leaving no room for selective or partial screening nor for manual bypass based on friendship, sympathy or interest.

Furthermore, Coalichain provides a secure, transparent and accountable voting platform, complete with fundraising feature guarantying transparency in electoral fundraising, and smart-contract based electoral promises turning empty promises into binding engagements, with built-in sanctions in case of non-compliance.

Everything is clear, transparent, incorruptible and that is how politic should be.

Ethical politicians are welcome to contact us. Coalichain is welcoming you so that we can build a new political scene free of corruption and backroom deals.

Join us on Telegram, Twitter or even on Facebook :-)


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