PoliTech Revolution with Coalichain

Jun 27, 2018 · 3 min read

The use of social media has quickly transformed into a means of promoting oneself and attaining a global reach. Every sector of the society; be it medical, education, business, information technology and many more have been indulging in social media activities to reach out to more and more people and also to receive a positive and constructive feedback. Social media networking has brought in a revolutionary change in the means of modern day communication and it has been used as a great advantage by many.

The introduction of social media networking had brought a huge craze amongst the entire world. Similarly, a new craze is revolving around the digital currency. Investors and big organizations have now figured out that these digital currencies are not just used for the sole purpose of conducting financial transactions and have now started extending their services with the new technology of Blockchain. Blockchain platform has unique characteristics which make it very useful. It is a decentralized platform that maintains anonymity, transparency and immutability. Focusing on these characteristics, many industries have adopted the Blockchain technology to expand and modernize their operations and services.

Social networking has changed the history of many industries. One of those industries include politics. Political social networking has brought in many changes to the way elections happen and also social networking has affected the results of these elections as well. Political social networking has a great impact on all the people involved, be it the political parties or the citizens. However, political social networking when combined with the Blockchain technology can provide an unimaginable experience for all the political leaders as well as the citizens.

Coalichain is the bridge that empowers people to interact directly with their Elected Leaders, eliminating once and for all, the communication gap that exists between citizens and governments. Built on the Ethereum Public Blockchain, It is a Decentralized Application that ensures complete transparency and an immutable voting facility. For leaders, it is a revolutionary platform that connects them seamlessly to their electorate, facilitating opinion sharing and fundraising. It offers cutting-edge tools to perform surveys, polls and an array of other features designed to enhance public service efficiency. Coalichain empowers people to control the democratic process. It eliminates the communication gap by bridging the gap between the government and its people. It also allows the leaders to get in direct touch with their people.

Coalichain allows ID verification on Blockchain. An instrumental property of the blockchain is its forgery proof uniqueness. A Biometric recognition system will be put in place to validate voters’ identity in the Colichain platform. Facial as well as voice authentication solutions are considered methods. Matching will be done against an official biometric document (National Id Card, Passport…). A second blockchain transaction will be independently generated containing a unique identifier and the expression of the vote. Votes can be expressed as long as the vote is open. The only vote counted will be the last one. It allows sustaining trust and transparency between the elected-electorate relationship. It is a platform where governance, regulation, compliance and scalability go hand in hand.

Coalichain has its own digital currency known as the ZUZ Token. Real world scenarios where Coalichain brings a great revolution in PoliTech world is by conducting local elections, general elections, unions, public consultations, referendums, surveys, polls, census, shareholders assemblies, petitions and also support NGOs.


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A decentralized platform for liquid, accountable representation, voting and governance, based on the smart contract of Blockchain technology. www.coalichain.io

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