Update for SAG-AFTRA Members

Shaan Sharma, LA Local Board Member & Co-Chair of the LA Local Conservatory.
  • Clyde Kusatsu as National Vice President — Largest Local (at Convention)
  • Ellen Crawford as LA Local Board member (given Michelle Hurd’s seat)
  • Woody Schultz as LA Local Board member (given Gabrielle’s seat)
  • Ben Whitehair as LA Local Board member (given Kate Flannery’s seat) and as National Board member (given Camryn Manheim’s seat)
  • Bill Charlton as National Vice President — Actor/Performer. (at Convention)
    Even though only delegates are allowed to attend our Convention, Gabrielle made a special exception for her enforcer Bill, perverting the rules inviting him as her “guest”, and allowing him to attend the delegate-only mixer, where only delegates mingle and campaign for national positions.

    She then had Bill nominated and voted in as Actor/Performer National VP. Since he hadn’t been elected as a delegate, he wasn’t eligible for being given a seat by a resigning board member, making this ploy the only way she could get him into the National Boardroom. This was blatant cronyism and an abuse of power. No one is allowed to invite “guests.”



Actor, Union Leader, Educator, Casting pro, Writer, and Technologist. https://linktr.ee/shaan_sharma

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