A strange colour it is,

It isn’t overpowering like black,

Nor innocent like pale blue,

It is raw, defined and unlike any other hue

Cobalt blue is the night sky,

The space, the faraway, the haunting of an eye,

It is bold, unseen, forlorn

And for the stargazer never unknown

Have you ever looked at the sky?

Reflected by the water never dry?

Why, it is like water too — shapeless, formless

Coloured in others’ stories and rhymes boundless

From this very water we pen the ink,

Of stories, of songs, of art we think

There is no end to what colour we choose

But cobalt blue is the colour of truth

Cobalt Blue Foundation

A reservoir of mythology, storytelling & expressive arts that connect general public with our cultural heritage & contemporary art.

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