Make money to work for you. DeepOnion Edition

I will not start to explain you what is DeepOnion, I just tell you it’s safe and it’s becoming even safer. But this story is not about safety, this story about me. Recently I was searching for place to invest my money. And I found DeepOnion. I felt in love from first sight, there was only green flags over the entire project, low supply, low price and super active community.

So after few weeks of spending time reading closely about project I decided to buy in. I bought $20,000 worth DeepOnion coins, some will say it’s a lot, but for me it isn’t. I’m not millionaire, but hope to become one.

Just when I bought coins, price went down, 0.7$ , 0.6$ and so on, but I wasn’t worried about price so much, I knew it will go up with no doubt, how the project like DeepOnion can ever fail. I was keeping all my coins in NovaExchange wallet and haven’t moved them at all, but one morning I came into DeepOnion official forum and discovered NovaExchange closing down. There was huge panic around the community, but DeepOnion solved within few days, with two new exchanges : Cryptopia and Stocks.Exchange. The panic stopped and community realised how strong they became. But I was left with one question, where to transfer my DeepOnion Coins. And first time in my life I downloaded and installed official wallet. Going trought official forum I found out I can earn ‘’free’’ coins for staking them, so I started staking. This was new to me and with huge community and huge selection of video tutorials I learned how to do so. I can’t describe the feeling when I received my first stake of 11 DeepOnion coins, I was happy, ‘’free’’ coins. Of course you will think I’m mad, guy just spended $20,000 on coins and was happy when received free 11 coins. I know it’s sound crazy, but time after time I received more and more. But this is not the end of story…

I had lot’s of questions and I wanted to share my opinion about this coin and help as much as I can, so I went and registered at DeepOnion official and non official forum. I started communicate with people and spended lot’s of time there. And most of the times it was fun, community is really friendly and helphul. And then something new came up — DeepPoints. It was strange at first, you receive DeepPoints for communication at official forum and every Sunday this DeepPoints converted to DeepOnion coins. I didn’t expected much, but first Sunday I received 57 DeepOnion coins, I was shocked, but happy, people rewarded. Yes it’s not millions, but coin to coin and it’s becomes nice amount, the next week I received a little bit more, 58.5 DeepOnion coins. And when DeepOnion annauced DeepDomination tasks on third week I received 118 Onions.

But that wasn’t the end, there was another reward called main airdrop, which is a little bit harder to participate in, but after some time I was accepted. Distribution of the airdrop is proportional to the equivalent Onion coins in each account, at the time of the distribution. This airdrop happens every Friday. And since I was accepted I couldn’t wait to see how much will I get. And I happy to say today I received 1296 DeepOnion coins. At the current price it’s 1450$. A week…

So let’s count together :

$20,000 Investments reward from 01/11/2017 to 24/11/2017 :

Staking: 119.34 DeepOnions

DeepPoint: 233.75 DeepOnions

Airdrop: 1296 DeepOnions

Total reward: 1649 DeepOnions

So I’ happy to say my investment is succesful in my eyes and I hope this project will show everybody, It’s here to stay!

Please not : I don’t encourage you to invest or something, this is just my story, which I hope everybody will like. If you want more information, feel free to contact me, or just have a look at official forum :

Or official Website:

P.S. Thank you DEV team for this great project, all Moderators and community members and especialy @Vaas

Also Want to thank my friends @Ali hassan and @Crypto.Vokain who is really great guys and always happy to help, so If you spot them on forum, feel free to ask any question, they are more than happy to answer it.