Cobo Announces Custodial Service for Institutional Clients

Cobo’s CEO, Discus Fish, and CTO, Dr. Changhao Jiang, pose with strategic partners and new clients at the Cobo Custody launch event in Beijing, China on December 4.

On December 4, Cobo launched its digital asset custodial solution, Cobo Custody, at an exclusive event in Beijing attended by leading crypto investment firms and lending platforms. Cobo, a leading producer of hardware and software blockchain products, also revealed numerous features aimed and providing optimized solutions for institutional investors of cryptocurrencies and assets.

Many of Cobo Custody’s features are focused on providing peace of mind to investors in a market that has been plagued by hacks and security issues.

“Private keys are safely stored on multi-signature cards around the world,” said Dr. Changhao Jiang, Cobo’s CTO. “This minimizes physical threats and systemic risks, while also allowing us to provide flexible customer service to clients.”

The launch event was well-represented by cryptocurrency industry leaders like CYBEX, CRED, and Lehman Bush. Speakers from the companies covered topics including the need for a secure custodial service in the blockchain industry and the future of cryptocurrency in China.

“The biggest challenge of digital asset hosting is security, and it requires good technology to cope with such challenges,” said Wang Hao, CEO of CYBEX. “[Cobo Custody] solves the problem of third-party trust, and there are many scenarios in the future where a third party is needed.”

Cobo’s CTO also explained the main focuses of the Cobo custodial services; providing tailored solutions that include 24-hour customer support, a comprehensive and customizable risk management policy and global distribution of private keys.

The closing ceremony also saw representatives from multiple companies sign letters of intent indicating their desires to carry out strategic partnerships. Moving forward, Cobo will work with each party to build effective partnerships and business relationships.

“Lehman’s future ideas and developments are highly consistent and consistent with Cobo, so there will be more close cooperation in the future,” said Lehman Bush Managing Director, Jimmie Jeremejev.
Dr. Changhao Jiang, CEO of Cobo, speaks about the future of cryptocurrencies and the need for custodial solutions for institutional investors.

About Cobo

Cobo is a leading producer of hardware and software blockchain products that make it easy for anyone to own and use cryptocurrencies.

Cobo offers an innovative software wallet, the world’s first military-grade cryptocurrency cold storage wallet, and tailored custodial services for digital assets.

Founded in November 2017 by former Facebook engineer, Changhao Jiang, and founder of F2Pool, Discus Fish, Cobo is headquartered in Beijing, with offices in Shanghai, Xi’an, and Seattle.

For more information about Cobo, visit

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