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4 min readMar 4, 2022


In our previous Medium article, we described the importance of YouTube as a revolutionary (and even democratic) way to share ideas and monetize them, as well as the opportunity it gives to build a loyal and dedicated community. We also presented YouTube’s limitations, including the difficulty for smaller and amateur channels to join the partner program; the arbitrary de-monetization of videos that aren’t “ad-friendly”; and even the risk of getting the entire channel removed without any explanation.

Given those pros and cons, we believe blockchain characteristics of not being owned by a single entity allows Creators to actually own their content and build a direct relationship with their audience without the control of third parties. Especially through Decentralized Autonomous Organizations — DAOs, Creators can have their own Social Tokens, tokenize their communities and share the creative process with whoever they deem fit, as a reward for the given support.

New Scope

We have recently changed our scope and will no longer be just a dapp for YouTube Creators. With cobogo, we are building a Content Creator DAO, our own funding mechanism and an aggregator of protocols, that has the goal of funding Content Creators sustainably through their own communities. Based on DeFi mechanisms, cobogo works by allowing Creators to mint their own Social Tokens and Staking Pool, where Patrons can stake on it. After that, both Creators and Patrons get rewards in the form of a yield, in a 50%/50% split.

This mechanism is designed to attract as many Creators as possible, and all they have to do after minting their pool is let their audience know about the opportunity to support them while earning rewards: a win-win situation! They can also offer Perks to those staking for them, which can vary from receiving the Creator’s Social Tokens, getting access to a private discord, gated content and even being able to vote for the next videos’ type of content. The possibilities are endless and will be added as new protocols are integrated with cobogo.

Once they onboard the platform we will also offer services for individuals, business, or communities that want those Content Creators to make specific content for them, something we have named as “Content Market”. The Content Market consists of proposals for a certain content to be created, so this System will work as a Bounty Market that will match the Content Creators with Companies or Communities that want to see the content being created.

These individuals, businesses or communities will be able to offer a value for the content they want, and Creators will be able to make counter-offers and compete between themselves to offer the best content at the best prices, the DAO itself will be able to work as an agency, interacting with third parties, creating content. This way, the reward splitting funding mechanism is not intended to be an end in itself, but as means to attract as many content creators as possible.


To make all of this possible and have our project deployed as soon as possible, we first need a larger budget to continue developing. For that, as a Pre-Seed Investment Round, we will be selling 20 NFTs especially designed for the cobogo community. These exclusive NFTs will grant their holders special treatment, since they will have an embedded utility, such as having access to a gated Discord where they’ll help make early decisions regarding the DAO, and more perks yet to be defined.

The NFT holders will also be able to buy CBG at Seed prices once the Seed Round is over, which means that this small group of investors will be given the opportunity to buy CBG at $0.08 (note that in the Public Sale, the token will be offered for $0.60!). On the other hand, for those who don’t wish to buy CBG at sale prices, we will offer a buy back of the NFTs at double the initial price, once the Private Sale ends.

We intend to keep growing and in the future add other markets, such as Twitch. We believe cobogo will be able to give creators from various platforms more freedom and more control over what they create, so we are very excited for what the future holds for cobogo, and can’t wait to share with everyone that has been with us since the beginning.

If you made it this far, we’d like to invite you to join our Discord. We’re always open to suggestions and feedback and would love to hear from you.

About cobogo:
cobogo is an aggregator of protocols that has the goal of funding Content Creators sustainably through their own community. It is a dApp that leverages Web 3.0 to monetize Creators while maximizing their growth and community building abilities.

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