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How being verified on-chain and off-chain can maximize your profit as a Content Creator

4 min readJun 24, 2022


We all know that most famous people or brands on the internet end up being “verified” on social media, but how does having that green or blue badge can help with one’s business as a Content Creator? In this article we will go through what it means to be verified, how it can help by making your job easier and how it can save you from a lot of trouble. In the end, we will explain how cobogo will incorporate verification badges to help Content Creators advertise their work to potential clients and increase their credibility and consequently their monetization.

A verification badge on social media, which is commonly represented by a check mark next to your name, means that your account is real, that is, it confirms that the account is legitimate and it really belongs to the person/company it says it belongs to. Being verified usually is a big deal because it means that you or your company is important enough to be at risk of impersonation (someone else pretending to be you). Not only that, but it automatically increases your credibility, trustworthiness, and awareness, and for that, brands tend to prefer working with verified accounts.

Considering that there are a high number of fake accounts, — Facebook reported that 5% of accounts were fake and there are reports that this percentage could be even higher on Twitter, being close to 20% — it is easy to understand why social media verification can bring a certain level of reputation and respect for users. Being verified means that the platform you are on believes you are authentic, which leads to other people viewing you the same way. It basically raises you above the competition.

When most people go to a restaurant for the first time, they will look it up on TripAdvisor or Yelp to look for reviews of the place. In the same way, when you are searching up a celebrity on Social Media, you always tend to look for that little check mark that tells you that account is real. This is all based on the same principles: Social Influence and Social Proof. Social Influence refers to the processes that affect an individual’s beliefs, attitudes and behaviors, and Social Proof concerns a Social Influence tactic where people assume what the actions of others are in an attempt to identify the correct behavior. When a Content Creator has a verification badge, he can leverage Social Proof by indicating that the platform has already deemed them authentic and trustworthy, so other people will view them the same.

Not being verified can even cause you some trouble. There are thousands of imposters and trolls on Social Media, and their goals vary from targeted harassment to fraud. When your work starts being noticed and you accumulate a significant amount of followers, you have to worry about other people pretending to be you, which can seriously threaten your business. A typical example is a scammer creating a profile on a platform using your personal information with the goal of exploiting people that interact with their fake account, usually by asking confidential information, money, or discrediting the true owner of the account. This can hinder your credibility, even if you have nothing to do with it.

However, sometimes it’s not that easy to get verified. It is easier to get verified in some platforms rather than in others, but most of them share some requirements: you need to be a public figure, popular and with thousands of followers. Facebook, for example, requires users asking for verification to be a well-known, often searched person, brand, or entity that has been featured in multiple news sources, and Instagram has similar guidelines. That makes it tricky for beginners or niche Creators, because even when they have a loyal and active community, they tend to be smaller in numbers.

In cobogo, Creators will be verified for every social media they connect in their Creator Profile, everything condensed in just one place. Moreover, with our Creator NFT, in the future, every Creator verified on cobogo will be able to mint an NFT that proves on-chain that they’re a verified Creator (which could lead them to many benefits, as explained here). These Creator Profiles will work similarly to a Media Kit, with every information about a Creator’s work, such as metrics, audience demographics, and collaboration options. We want these Profiles to be an essential tool for Creators, and for that, we have designed a way for every major social media they are on to be verified, so they can have all the benefits of being a verified Creator, even if they are not extremely popular yet.

These Creator Profiles will serve as a way to raise awareness of a Creator’s personal brand, but also so they can showcase their services to potential clients. This way, brands will find in cobogo several trustworthy Creators, with verified and standardized profiles with all the information they need. cobogo will match the Content Creators enlisted in the platform to project proposals without the exorbitant prices that agencies charge. In addition, in the same platform, Creators will be able to be sustainably funded through their own communities by using our unique split-yield mechanism.

If you want to learn more about cobogo, visit our website and documentation. We are currently giving out 60 dollars worth of our native token, CBG, to every Creator that joins the whitelisting process.

About cobogo:

cobogo is a platform made especially for Content Creators, with the mission of giving them power over their own monetization and their communities, using Web3 to achieve that. It has a unique Staking Mechanism that allows fans to support their favorite Creators while earning rewards, and it allows Creators to advertise their work more effectively.

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