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A summer sun in the middle of winter. A warm, windless day that would run cool by dusk. A friend who would join me. The conditions were perfect to take my worries to the ocean and row them away.

Twelve hundred miles away, they were running another test on Mom, examining her heart from the inside to assess the damage. Determining what the next step would be. Was she a candidate for the next possible procedure?

As I readied the kayak, I adjusted the seat with care. I wanted the option for a long row today. My friend arrived and brought his young daughter. …

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You must know, I take no pleasure in writing this. It is 5:30 am and I am avoiding the news. I sit here in the dark, stripped of logic and reason, left with nothing but my ability to write. I feel I owe those in the future some explanation for what happened.

I was here. I thought I was doing my part. I tried to engage those who defended him and loved him. I attempted to understand their anger and yet engage their minds to see the danger he posed.

I feel guilty that I continued with my life… buying a house, getting a new job, celebrating a friend’s wedding… rather than devote ever waking moment and all my resources to defeating this threat to democracy. …

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We will see it all come to a crescendo soon.

It may be naive of me, but I believe the Trump phenomenon is (among other things) the last gasp of a mindset that is dying. There is a racist, misogynistic, closed minded cancer that is fighting for relevance and validity in a world that no longer accepts it.

Our modern society is too connected, too social, and (hopefully) too aware of the consequences to accept raw hate and disdain for our fellow humans as a kernel of our operating system. …

Do I Log in… or do I Login?

Log in — verb.

You must log in. (take an action — verb)

Login — noun or adjective.

Enter your login name here. (adj.)

Log-in — noun or adjective.

Your account log-in is secure. (n.)

Change your log-in name. (adj.)

NEVER use Log-in as a verb

Because I always have to print this out and put it on my wall… Hope this helps others along the way. — Coburn

Update: Check Out vs Checkout

Check outverb.

When you are ready to check out at the grocery store…

Checkoutnoun or adjective.

you wait in the checkout line .

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How Medium Broke Collections

So this is from a fan. You have managed to really drop the ball and break the whole idea of Collections rather completely.

Look, I know what you were looking to do. Before you had these wide open collections that everyone was submitting to willy nilly. There was a problem.

However, your solution just managed to make the life of someone managing a collection really, really hard.

I used to get a lot of submissions… then they stopped completely. …

Please improve the UX of this native iOs function

My sincere apologies to the specific designers at Apple who worked on the native iOs clock app… but your alarm clock experience… is broken.

Every time I use this native function (which is quite a bit when traveling) I find myself cursing and shaking my fist at the sky. Rather than suffer in silence any longer, I will share my thoughts here in hopes that they will find their way to a build in the future. Normally, I charge for UX audits, but this one is on me. …

The big button should do what I want… 

A drunken UX challenge

“OK, Mr. User Experience Designer, I have a challenge for you…” It was clear the afternoon of wine may have spawned whatever my friend was about to say, but I encouraged him to continue.

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“By all means, what do ya got?”

My friend gestured to his wife, who was sipping wine beside him. “I have determined that my wife has the same expectation of most every interface:

She expects the Big Button to do whatever it is she wants… at THAT moment in time!”

She laughed along with us but then looked at me with a touch of seriousness. “Well it just should do what I want it to! …

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The Middle Man : Chapter 1

His eyes had failed him; the world he awoke to was nothing but blackness. He blinked his eyes a bit, trying to jump-start his eyesight. Nothing. His head was heavy, as if from too much sleep, but he felt his heart begin to race as panic found him, alone in the dark.

“Take it slowly…” the kind, warm voice put him at ease. The voice came from a young man but sounded thick with years. “…You are safe. Try looking again.”

As he opened his eyes he could see soft light reflected off the floor, which his cheek seemed to be pressed against. …

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…and the Ninjas stink on ice

In the interest of full disclosure, I am (by definition) a Unicorn. If you are in the tech industry, you have heard these titles.

For anyone who hasn’t, here are some rough definitions. A designer that has learned how to write code is often referred to a Unicorn, while a developer who has gone to art college is the elusive Ninja.

These definitions vary among tech tribes, but the general idea is the same: One person with a set of cross discipline skills that makes them very desirable in the marketplace.

Some have expanded on the idea even more, asserting that the cross discipline skill-set is a necessary component to be a User Experience Designer in today’s world. …

A conversation in a modern world

A women asked me recently if I thought that the alpha male existed in modern culture. Yes, I believe there are modern alpha males. Their occupations, lifestyles, and identities are varied.

Unfortunately, what is sometimes confused as alpha behavior is often just some guy being a loud and acting with bravado. That is a douchebag, rather than a true alpha male.

My friend Dan Hagerty described it this way:

Alpha is a spectrum that men fall on, just like masculinity is a spectrum. Some men are more masculine and have more masculine tendencies, and the alpha spectrum generally follows the same lines (in other words, highly masculine men tend to be more alpha). …


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