The last gasp of a mindset?

We will see it all come to a crescendo soon.

It may be naive of me, but I believe the Trump phenomenon is (among other things) the last gasp of a mindset that is dying. There is a racist, misogynistic, closed minded cancer that is fighting for relevance and validity in a world that no longer accepts it.

Our modern society is too connected, too social, and (hopefully) too aware of the consequences to accept raw hate and disdain for our fellow humans as a kernel of our operating system. Yes I know there are individuals who would strike this bargain, but as a society there is a survival imperative (as a tribe) that is rejecting the mindset as caustic.

We have an opportunity as a country to drive a stake into the heart of this beast of ignorance. It won’t die… but we can deliver it a huge dose of irrelevance.

Separation, blind nationalism, and discrimination is putting up one helluva fight. The greatest gift we can give the world right now is leadership against this mindset.

This is not just an American thing. The demagogues in the Philippines, Venezuela, and Greece are watching. Trump is already a walking, talking, screaming, whining, validation for the erosion of human rights on a global scale. They are watching to see if he will be elevated to power, or shunned as a pariah.

Nothing is certain. I know there are other things that have fueled his popularity and had those who support him excuse the inexcusable, justify the horrific, and stay firmly focused on the ends they feel he would accomplish.

Hopefully we can send a message that this shit won’t happen on our watch. Hopefully we can have the defeat of Trump be an example to the world

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