Generating Codes for Onsite Tickets

O-tix not only helps you to sell ticket online, but also allows you to generate ticket codes and create physical tickets for on-site sales.

Before you start, you need to ensure you have turned on ‘Only available for on-site purchase’ of ticket types that you want to sell on-site.

After turning on the ‘on-site purchase’, using the ‘Generate Ticket Codes’ function you can generate a batch of ticket codes which can be taken to your printer (allowing you to design your own physical tickets). To do so, click “Generate Ticket Codes” under the “Ticket Generation” tab in the Toolbox.

Alternatively, click “Actions” in the top right corner of the dashboard, and select “Generate Tickets”.

In the new window, select the ticket type(s) you want to sell onsite, click “Add selected tickets to generator”, enter the amount of ticket codes you want for each ticket type, and click “Generate Tickets” to finish the process.

Tip: If you need to select more than one type of ticket, hold down the “Ctrl”, so that you can select two or more types.

Once you click “Generate Tickets”, you will receive an email that including your batch of ticket codes. Click “here” to access the relevant ZIP file that contains all necessary QR codes and a CSV file containing each Ticket ID. From here you can insert the codes into your ticket design, have them printed and start selling to your customers.

Tip: Your batch of ticket codes will be sent to your account email (listed in your account profile page).

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